The AFMC Certification Competency Case Study Assessment

Welcome!  Make sure you have all of your case materials at hand and ready for reference to complete this assessment.  There is no time limit within which you must complete this form.  However, you will need to complete all of the following questions in a single sitting and submit them all at once at the end of the page.  Please note that the entry boxes below are purposefully limited in length in order to require that you prioritize your input and express yourself succinctly (a key practitioner skill).  You will want to prepare accordingly.  If you have multiple Case Study submissions within an examination window, only the final (most recent) one will be reviewed and considered.

You are indeed likely an excellent practitioner.  But remember:  your goal here is to thoroughly and dramatically demonstrate the breadth and depth of your functional medicine knowledge.  Be comprehensive.


We wish you the best of success!


– Tracy and the SAFM Team



Please make sure you are logged in to your SAFM Account to complete this part of your Exam.