AFMC Certification Competency Case Study Document Submission

You are so close! Now, you can start to submit your Case Study documents according to the process protocols. The AFMC Certification requires both the case study documents as well as the online assessment, and both must be completed before the end of the examination window.

Please remember that the AFMC Certification integrity protocol forbids any discussion or sharing about the details of the exam process.  I am very grateful for your partnership in and commitment to upholding this agreement 100% to preserve the quality and validity of your upcoming certification.

We hope you take some time to celebrate your amazing achievements so far.  Onward and upward!

We believe in you.

Tracy and the SAFM Team

All case content must be submitted to the certification administrator prior to the end of (and not beyond) the respective Level 3 examination window. A student case will not be evaluated until all components have been submitted. Emailed submissions will NOT be accepted.

A complete Case Study submission must include all of the following.  Please ensure that no personal identifying information is included at all for your patient or client in any of these documents (including specifically name, address, phone number or email address, date of birth, or place of work).  You must do all of the following prior to the end of the examination window.

  • Intake form
  • SAFM Map
  • Relevant “before” and “after” labwork, if appropriate.
  • Case Study Assessment Questionnaire (access here)

** Choose your Competency Case Study wisely.


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