Masters 303


Can’t get enough?

Excited to keep building your clinical expertise and confidence higher and higher?

Join us for the Masters 303 Semester, the ultimate SAFM semester experience. This program features many rich, detailed case studies which give you the opportunity to practice your skills in understanding and supporting very complex clients. This exclusive program is available only to those who have completed the Advanced 202 Semester (certification completion is not necessary). Join us for an information-packed seven months of advanced, practical knowledge you can use to create wildly-satisfied clients (and build your practice) right away!

masters 303 semester full kit

the masters 303 Semester curriculum includes:

advanced 303 books

1. Masters Case Studies

You’ve learned a lot about functional medicine! Now is the time to lock in that learning via rich client case studies that give you the opportunity to practice what you’ve learned. The program features two full-length courses to help more seasoned practitioners rocket their practice to the next level. All cases are actual examples from Tracy’s private practice. Learn from step-by-step reviews of clients’ health histories, functional medicine assessments, symptoms, and lab work. But these courses go way beyond Puzzle Piecing. You’ll learn exactly what approach and protocols Tracy uses to create breakthrough results for her clients. You’ll also learn key tips from Tracy on keeping your practice organized and efficient. This is the perfect integration opportunity for everything you learned in the Core 101 and Advanced 202 Semesters.

2. Deep Dive Clinical Courses

During your Masters 303 program, you continue to choose clinical courses to match your passions and target market! These are in-depth, deep dives into the physiology, dis-ease processes, medications, nutrients, functional medicine dynamics, common pitfalls, and case studies within specific topics. Choose what you most want to learn. Upon registration, you may choose THREE from among the existing courses as well as new clinical courses offered each year (course descriptions may be found here):

deep dive courses
  • ADD & ADHD: Getting to the Root
  • Adrenal and Thyroid Myths and Truths
  • Bone Health Myths and Truths
  • Cancer: What Every Health Coach Needs to Know
  • Cardiovascular Myths and Truths
  • Disease Begins in the Gut 202
  • Depression and Anxiety Solutions
  • Fibromyalgia Demystified
  • Hormones Demystified
  • Headache and Migraine
  • Heavy Metal Toxicity
  • Organic Acids Testing: A Puzzle Piece Jackpot
  • Reversing Diabetes
  • The Science of Fertility: Getting Pregnant, Staying Pregnant
  • Understanding Allergy and Asthma
case studies

3. Five “Puzzle-Piecing” Case Studies

Challenge and test your skills on real client case studies! This is a priceless step that most advanced coaching programs don’t offer. (We’re a wee bit proud about this unique piece of our puzzle!)

  • You’ll evaluate actual health history intake forms, and listen to initial consultations from Tracy’s private practice
  • Map out the interconnectedness between a client’s history, symptoms, and lifestyle choices
  • Learn from live mentoring and coaching about assessing symptoms, identifying root causes, developing testing recommendations, and creating a support plan

This actual, hands-on practice will help you absorb your learning into your bones, which is critical for boosting your confidence!

4. Twelve Live Open Coaching Calls

Get real-time support from our team to support your own clients! Each call features:

  • Case studies from semester participants’ actual patients
  • Open, unstructured Q&A time directly with Tracy

Learn from live mentoring of your peers and get the real-time support you need to help your own clients to be wildly satisfied.

coaching calls
clinical q and a

5. Clinical Q&A Treasure Chest

You know it well by now: in SAFM, you’re never alone! You’ll have access to our extensive, searchable Q&A database filled with hundreds of detailed posts on a wide variety of illnesses, symptoms, medications, supplements, and clinical references.

Learn from others’ client experiences and inquiries. Get the clinical know-how you need to totally ROCK your business – by creating wildly satisfied clients who can’t help referring people to you! Each week, student questions of broad interest (from the Forum or coaching calls) are chosen for new entries and given a deeper exploration and exhaustive response.

6. The Wildly Successful Practitioner Forum

We’ve got your back as you stretch and grow! Practitioners from all levels have the freedom to interact and share ideas with their peers in a secret Facebook forum (secret, thus ensuring your privacy and client confidentiality) on everything from business building to program fees to lab work confusion to supplement recommendations to celebrations and virtual hugs. From those just starting out to those with well-established, wildly successful practices, everyone has the opportunity to ask for support and share their insight and experience in a loving, supportive environment. Our team is also available to share expertise and stimulate valuable exchanges on key topics.

practitioner forum
bonus materials

7. Bonus Resources, Tools, and Extra Classes

All courses and coaching calls are recorded for easy access and reference throughout your semester. A rich variety of learning tools are available for each course (e.g. streaming video, downloadable audio, transcripts of clinical courses, downloadable PDF file of all webinar slides (which you are welcome to use for your own client presentations), and informational handouts you may use in your own practice too).

Peer Group Huddles - With a virtual, international community of diverse practitioners, we know the importance of creating smaller, peer-aligned, group meeting opportunities. The goals of these live sessions are to allow our students to create warm, supportive community, to share experiences, to allow peer-based practical business insight, and to provide a platform for more engaged and detailed discussion.

You also have the opportunity to work with an accountability buddy to help to keep you on track with building your business and maximizing your value from the program. Plus, Tracy likes to surprise each semester group with unexpected bonus classes and hands-on opportunities to learn.


Semester program fee is conveniently organized into a
six-payment plan of $499/month

With this monthly option, one payment is made upon registration with the five remaining payments monthly once the semester begins. We also offer a Pay-in-Full option for $2597 (that’s over $395 in savings!).

While you’re waiting, make sure you are getting our free weekly Clinical Tips to keep you inspired until next Semester begins.  (Plus, when you sign up for them, you get access to another FREE Mini Deep Dive Clinical Course to enjoy right away too.) Like us on Facebook to get more great clinical tips and to get notifications on our next Facebook Lives!

Interested in Program

Remember you can always join us for the Practitioner Incubator Membership in-between your semester experiences. Get regular, ongoing support from our awesome community and access to the Q&A Treasure Chest. Maintain access to all your prior course materials. Don’t let your practice get in a slump!