Kara Dowdall, Integrative + Functional Health Practitioner

I am enrolled in the Core program and know I will continue along as far as possible with Tracy and SAFM. The information is immediately relevant and her enthusiasm energizes me even more! I’m seeing the changes in my clients almost overnight due to the ability to share information that results in rapid improvement combined with long term sustainable actions!

Shanti Pappas, Health Coach

Tracy has been a real gift to me in my business and practice in so many ways.  I don’t ever think of the cost of these programs; I think of how much working with her is making me serious $$$! The webinars, the puzzle piecing case studies, the mentoring…it’s all so valuable.

Allison Middleton, Health Coach

I graduated from IIN with a great overview. What was missing for me was the deep dive into nutrition and the body that SAFM definitely gave me! I love the way the course is continually evolving and Tracy is constantly researching and keeping us up-to-date with latest findings and research.

Amanda Buse, Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

This course is intense and not for those who are easily overwhelmed.  It is a lot to take in, but I really appreciate having the knowledge to use with my clients.  I can’t believe how much I’ve learned in a short amount of time.  I can discuss things with other coaches and my clients that I didn’t even know existed a few months ago!  This course was definitely the missing puzzle piece for my practice to thrive.  Thanks, Tracy!

Kasia Hrecka, Research Scientist, Health Coach

Joining your semester and becoming one of your students has been an amazing and transformative experience. I feel that it helped me take both my career and private life to another level.   Thank you for your ever-supportive energy, encouraging words and for sharing your vast knowledge on human well-being.  I look forward to more ‘adventures’ on the wildly successful life path.

Davina Sandground, Health Counselor

I have recently put together a sugar workshop using a lot of the information from the “Reversing Diabetes” classes. I do these with a colleague who is a chef and they’ve been very popular (waiting lists!). I am so enjoying all of the classes. My favorite so far was “Demystifying Hormones” because it made everything much more simple to understand and explain to my clients. However, the ones I keep coming back to and use the most are the “Gut” classes. It seems everyone I see has some kind of gut-related issue. I can’t believe how much more knowledgeable I am as a result of taking these classes.

Paula Youmell, RN, Wise Woman Nurse®️

The School of Applied Functional Medicine has rounded out my holistic education as an RN-Nurse Coach Educator. The classes are so rich with information, practical information, that I can put to use immediately in my work with clients and teaching classes & workshops. I will continue to take classes with this school until I have taken them all. I also use the wealth of information on the school’s dashboard to research information to support my coaching-education work. I highly recommend this school if you want to add functional medicine expertise to your lifestyle medicine bag.

Dr. Marion Watlington, MD, Integrative Medicine

The more I learn from Tracy, the better able I am to get results with my patients.  I love the novelty of functional medicine and the ability to be wildly successful now.   Studying and reflecting on different patients, finding the interconnectedness and clues in how to help them, and celebrating their wins… this is all so satisfying to me. I have fallen in love all over again with practicing medicine in this way.  I continue to grow in surprising and new ways.  Seriously, this is an amazing program.

Kathleen Mitchell, RDH, CHC

Having Tracy as a teacher is (and has been) the best part of my training and career.  I am someone who has oodles of questions, and I can always count on Tracy to answer them thoroughly.  I am very passionate about functional medicine, and I could not have imagined all that would be made available to me as a student.   Tracy is overly generous with her knowledge, support, materials, and wisdom!

Jodi Franklin, Health Coach, IIN '15

The semester program at SAFM is truly amazing. I have learned so much about how to reverse my clients’ ailments that they are coming to me with their friends and relatives. Tracy is a brilliant, gifted teacher. The information is laid out in a clear, concise way that allows you to use your knowledge to truly transform your clients. Since I started learning from Tracy, I have been able to nearly double my rates and have been getting wonderful referrals from satisfied clients.  I feel empowered to help my clients in ways that I never would’ve dreamed possible.

Heather Conley, Health Coach, Fibromyalgia Expert

Here’s what I would say to people considering the Core 101 semester, “Value yourself, value your time, and value your potential. SAFM programs are worth their weight in gold.” Without this education, I think coaches are actually quite limited in how they can help their clients. With this education, you become invaluable to your clients.  And you have set yourself apart from your peers that have not invested in this advancement. I hesitated to invest. But now, I say: Do it! You won’t be sorry!

Nina Yunovich, MD, Health Counselor

I absolutely love Tracy’s courses. They are so interesting, so helpful, so resourceful, so wonderfully structured  and so inspiring!  She makes complicated material easy to understand and to implement in your practice.

I was able to improve my own health issues and become my best ‘live promotional material’. And I brought my coaching to a different level. I’ve learned how to give my clients relief from their symptoms much faster.  They trust me.  They stay with me.  And follow up with my recommendations much better then before. And you get so much interesting material ready to go for presentations!

Becoming a SAFM family member was a real breakthrough for me.

Missy Cohen, Health Coach, IIN 2013

I just helped a client to discovery her deficiencies! She had a doc appt and I suggested she ask for B12 and cellular magnesium (given her symptoms). The mag was on low normal… and she was clearly B12 deficient. She’s been on Prilosec for three years.   My first one of your classes and I already have a wildly satisfied client!

Elaine White, Yoga Instructor, Coach

The best parts are Tracy’s incredible knowledge and her willingness to go out of her way to share so much information… not only in the course material but also in all the Q&A’s, in open coaching calls, in the forum, via handouts, etc. The semester material has been very well presented and is easily understood.  With so much attention to detail and many personal touches, I felt that I was being taken care of throughout the semester.  I am amazed at how much I have learned!  The course has given me confidence.

Christine Michaud, RN, Health Coach

I just quickly wanted to write to you to express my amazement and love for what I just learned on my first webinar with you! I LOVED it so much. You did such a great job! I am so thankful for your teaching, the direction in which you are taking us, and the help and clarification of information. You certainly answered a lot of looming questions I have had; the puzzle is starting to take shape!

Thom Underwood, Health Coach

I feel this course is Spot on. The knowledge I have learned through the courses has given me tremendous confidence to help and change people’s lives.  That’s why I do what I do.  Little by little, our knowledge becomes a lot.  As functional medicine coaches, we can make a difference in God’s kingdom.   I feel like SAFM propels even a good health coach to a whole new level!!  I have found my passion.

Mary Meagher, Registered Nurse

I believe you offer a lot, especially to those of us who have a medical mindset and who know there is a better way to health than the current healthcare model. I have just completed the IIN program, and, while I think it is informative and gave me greater perspective on the other side of stuff (meditation, taking care of yourself, mindfulness, balance, etc.), I personally needed more diagnostic gusto to help people get to the root of their problem. Although much of it can begin with personal, relationship, and other baggage issues, one cannot deny the need to remove the bad and replenish the good.  That requires understanding of our body’s interconnectedness, including the significance of lab findings and the benefits of specific supplementation. As a medical practitioner (RN), I want to be able to provide that information and explanation to my clients.  I think the SAFM certification is awesome.

Lisa Jackson, RN, CHC, RYT 500

What seemed like Greek to me a year ago rolls off my tongue now as I confidently explain lab tests, etiology and interconnectedness of what may seem like random signs and symptoms.  Your support has helped me to turn what seemed overwhelming into a fascinating journey. Thank you!  Functional Medicine and Nutrition are two vital missing elements to healthcare. How rewarding it is to help address root causes and empower patients with evidence based solutions. Come participate in the future of medicine!

Julia Dollinger, Health Coach, Reflexologist, Massage Therapist

Wow! This program has brought about extraordinary changes in my ability to be a wildly successful health coach! Tracy’s knowledge and expertise and support have been – without question – the best education and support I have gotten since changing my profession. The subject matter covered is so practical, informative, and full of up-to-date research findings. Tracy’s communication is clear and concise. I am so grateful to learn from this knowledgeable, exceptional woman. The personal attention of the platinum program has been perfectly customized support for both me and my target market (celiac disease and customized diets for auto-immune disease).

Marsha Nussdorf, Health Coach

I am thankful for all of your help and support this year.  My weigh-in this morning has me down 50 pounds!  I’m happy with my progress and surely my health markers will continue to show my progress.  With gratitude and love.

Leslie Frodema, Registered Nurse

I just want to thank Tracy for helping me with my clients.  Very few people have both the level of knowledge and the ability to communicate it in an interesting, articulate, well-organized way that you do.  You make it so logical and almost easy to figure out. Thank you for doing the work you do and sharing your knowledge with us. Please know your work has a big ripple effect in the world helping others you will never meet but who will benefit immensely because you are willing to teach others. I think more nurses and nurse practitioners and PAs on the frontlines need to become aware that programs like SAFM exist.  Many feel they are not actually helping people get well, but are unsure what to do.  Most practitioners were not trained in how to fully take care of patients using the information we are learning at SAFM.  I am most delighted with how practical the material is.   I immediately put it to use every time I went to work seeing patients.  This is important because otherwise, it’s easy to get lost in the details in functional medicine. The course really focused on the most important things to know and kept it simple enough to be useful.

Kathleen Ronzio, Aesthetician, Health Coach

I have been delighted at how truly giving Tracy is – how committed she is to sharing generously. The content is so deep and so rich. I recommend this course to anyone wanting to further their knowledge base on functional medicine. I feel honored to be a student of Tracy’s.

Leslie Barnett, Health Coach, Lyme Disease Expert, IIN 2008

Wow – I can’t speak highly enough of Tracy, her expertise, and her commitment to the field of wellness coaching.  Her manner is always professional but also deeply caring; her delivery is clear and concise.  Her level of knowledge is truly unsurpassed. I recommend the SAFM programs wholeheartedly to anyone interested in not only growing their wellness practice but also gaining a deeper insight into the complexity of how the human body really works.

Dainna Pearlman, Health Coach

The reasons I enrolled at IIN are the same reasons I enrolled in the School of Applied Functional Medicine.  I want to learn about the root cause of disease and how to heal the human body. In this comprehensive, well prepared, and easy to understand program, I’m learning about the interconnectedness of human physiology, biochemical reactions, and the drivers of dis-ease.  I am amazed at all the useful information Tracy shares with us, which she encourages us to share with our clients.  My sessions are loaded with numerous teaching materials that help my clients see me in a much more professional light.  She’s done all the research, worked with hundreds of people and amassed real life protocols that I use as a basis for new, individual protocols for my clients.  My career is thriving and my practice has grown so much in the last six months that I have a waiting list of people wanting to work with me. Best of all, I have the confidence to take on ANY client.

Evy Goldberg, Client, Mother

Over the course of many years, I’ve been to many doctors with many health issues.  Although they each had a medical history from me, no doctor ever made any connections or saw a common element in any of my complaints. No doctor ever attempted to get to the root cause of any ailment. Instead, medication was prescribed, resulting in side effects, which were just as bad as the original problem, and then caused other ailments. Tracy, you are the only person who has integrated all my issues, gotten to the root causes, and treated them naturally with proper nutrition and supplements. Instead of more medication, you have been able to help me wean off the toxic medication I’ve been taking for so many years. This speaks to the idea that doctors focus on and react to disease, as opposed to focusing on wellness and prevention. To me this is a major issue and has been an amazing eye opener. The most important happening for me is the education and knowledge you impart – very empowering. Now I can make intelligent choices with knowledge and confidence. I can discuss intelligently my health issues with my doctors.  I can take control of my well-being.

“What a paradigm shift for me. I love it.”

Sue Bird, Physician Assistant

The number one thing I have learned about here is the powerful interconnectedness in the body. What a paradigm shift for me. I love it.  I am grateful for stumbling onto this course and having such a passionate and enthusiastic teacher. Thank you, Tracy!

“...this course has changed my life...”

Paula Lovric, Registered Nurse

I have learned so much…disease begins the gut, reversing type 2 diabetes, focusing on the root cause in inflammation vs. just the symptoms.  I just wanted to say that this course has changed my life and is changing the lives of those around me. Thank you Tracy, thank you!

“For the person who wants to deep dive into science, labs, etc.”

Casey Sollock, Health Coach

I am beyond impressed with the webinars, classes, Facebook group  — it has been so supportive!   It is incredible for the person who wants to dive deep into science, labs, etc.

“It will leave NO stone unturned in what you need to know.”

Kathy Connell, Health Coach

Here’s what I want to say to people considering SAFM: ‘To all you practitioners eager to empower and support each client with a truly life-altering wellness approach,  the Core 101 Semesters are for you!   Regardless of where you find yourself in the process of building a business and finding the perfect clients/patients – this program is for you.  It will leave NO stone unturned in what you need to know.  It will augment your knowledge in a way that leaves you with confidence and expertise that you never dreamed possible.’ SAFM continues to offer more than promised.  Tracy is so willing to meet each and every one of us where we are… and to do so without judgement and with a spirit of you can and will get there!

“No 'memorizing' necessary.”

Diane Montgomery, NTC, Yoga Instructor

For the first time, I am truly excited to step out more into the coaching world – because of this course.  Tracy’s enthusiasm is contagious, and she teaches with great clarity from a deep well of experience. I was amazed, in preparing for the final exam, how thoroughly I truly understood all of the material presented. No “memorizing” was necessary. We truly learned this material by repetition of key principles throughout the courses and living it through a multitude of case studies. This course has prepared and inspired me to pursue a long-held passion that I previously did not feel prepared to act upon.  That is, to help others find true healing.  Repetition of key principles drives learning deep, such that it readily becomes part of your working knowledge.  A huge confidence builder!

“Repetition is key to see the interconnection!”

Liz Leighton, NP, Cardiology

Tracy is always well prepared with her lectures, and I am learning so much.  It’s an amazing learning opportunity on a constant basis, having everything at your fingertips on line.  Tracy has done all the research for you.  The case studies really help to put it all together.  Repetition is key to see the interconnection!

“...your teaching style is wonderfully easy to understand.”

Aimee Peterson, Health Coach

I have to tell you that your program is BY FAR the best program I’ve ever taken since graduating from IIN (and I’ve taken A LOT of them).  You are incredibly generous with all the information you share with us, and your teaching style is wonderfully easy to understand.  I am so excited to have found you. Tracy, you have totally exceeded my expectations.

“In retrospect, I see now that IIN was just an introduction...”

Chris Weintrob, Health Coach

I have absolutely LOVED your clinical courses. In retrospect, I see now that IIN was just an introduction to the world of health and wellness, and your clinical courses added so much more depth to my education. Frankly, I don’t know how anyone can be an effective health coach without taking your courses – they are fantastic! You are providing such a phenomenal service to so many people. Your knowledge, expertise, and energy appear endless. Thank you for all you do and for enriching my life (and those around me) through your brilliant teachings.

“...simplify the most complex subjects for anyone.”

Celeste McAteer, Health Coach

Tracy is grounded in scientific research and an experienced health coach, but she is also an incredible educator who can simplify the most complicated subjects for anyone. She is truly gifted and passionate about helping others gain knowledge that can be put into practice easily and with great results. Her semester course is jam-packed with insightful information, resources, handouts, useful tips and time to practice with her as a guide. Taking her courses is a great way to expand your tools as a health coach so you can spread health with those around you. She also understands that alternative therapies, support, love and connection are just as important as science when working with others. My deepest gratitude for the opportunity to be a part of the semester course!

“Comprehensive knowledge and expertise in functional medicine...”

Christina Knight, Nurse Practitioner

[Tracy’s] comprehensive knowledge and expertise in functional medicine makes her a unique health coach. She is passionate for helping her clients, which is evident based on their major accomplishments. As a nurse practitioner in integrative medicine, I have found that my patients benefit greatly from Tracy’s health coaching expertise!

“Tracy doesn’t just create a spark – she lights a full-blown fire!”

Lisa Beaudin, School District Nutrition Director, IIN Graduate 2010

Working with Tracy these last three years has been both educational, inspirational and a lot of fun! Her breadth of knowledge, along with her passion and energy make her an incredible speaker, infectious mentor and captivating educator. I have also collaborated with her on programs for employee wellness, student workshops and also look to her as a mentor for my own health coaching practice. She not only educates, she motivates, which is what we all need. The knowledge does nothing if you are not inspired to put it into practice. Tracy doesn’t just create a spark – she lights a full-blown fire!

“Impressed me with her vast knowledge of how body systems work and their interrelationship...”

Bev Greer, Client, Physician

I first met Tracy after being diagnosed with diabetes. She took me through a difficult time, making the process seem effortless, enjoyable and positive. Tracy has been the primary motivator in my dealings with diabetes. She has impressed me with her vast knowledge of how body systems work and their interrelationships with nutrition. Through Tracy’s individual attention and support, I have been able to address my diabetes, as well as other heath issues, and achieve my goals… My experience working with Tracy has been fabulous; I am forever grateful to her for her guidance and provision of sustainable tools to maintain and continue to improve my health.