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Eddie Carter

Business Operations Integrator

Joining SAFM and meeting Tracy in 2017 was literally a dream come true as it allowed me to join a great movement and an amazing team. As a husband and father of two, true health and enhancing the way we approach it is a passion for me and my family.  Strategically enabling SAFM to educate more health practitioners is my way of helping to positively change as many lives as possible.  It is genuinely rewarding to  work with a team people so excited about their work, and to share my experience and expertise in building scalable, profitable, results-driven businesses to help the school achieve its purpose.


Director of Operations

I grew up with a “witch doctor” momma who instilled in me the belief that food and nature are medicine, and that we must be our own best advocates when it comes to our health. More than ten years ago, I left the corporate world to return to these wellness roots in pursuit of helping others learn to tackle their own solutions to food, mood and digestive issues by addressing their unique whole food and soul food at the root. Lots of education and experience later, I found SAFM and held on tight while it changed the game on my capabilities as a health coach.

I’m a knowledge geek with an incurable case of “the why?s”. I’m maniacal about serving my clients well. And I’m crazy passionate about, actively, contributing to the future success of both functional medicine and the leadership role health coaches play in it. Suffice it to say I’m thrilled to be a part of SAFM’s team where all of those attributes are part of the job description!

Jesse Lang

Team Member Experience Coordinator

I love people and love working out all of the details in order to make sure all things are running smoothly for everyone involved. This makes the role of Team Member Experience Coordinator a perfect fit. I work behind the scenes, making sure that our team members get set up with as much ease and joy as possible.

I first began learning about Functional Medicine in a previous position and was immediately intrigued by how much I had never heard before regarding the interconnectedness of the body. I am still on my personal health journey and am so appreciative to work with this wonderful team of people who are not only full of wonderful, helpful knowledge but also so much love and kindness. My goal is to keep them all comfortable and equipped behind the scenes so that they are fully able to deliver their very best for all of our students here at SAFM.