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Dainna Pearlman, CHC, AFMC Certified

Director of Student Services

Starting out as an SAFM student myself, I’ve gained a unique perspective on what it’s like to be an adult learner returning to a rigorous, comprehensive, professional training organization while building a thriving practice at the same time. Initially, I thought I’d learn what I needed from the school then move on, but I’ve truly come to love our community and the support we provide to our students far too much to stop now! I relish the global impact we’re having in transforming healthcare.

Eddie Carter

Business Operations Manager

Joining SAFM and meeting Tracy in 2017 was literally a dream come true for me, as it allows me to be part of such a great movement and amazing team. As a husband and father of two, true health and enhancing the way we approach it – is a passion for me and my family. My goal is to help SAFM educate more health practitioners and change as many lives as possible. To help accomplish this, I bring my passions and expertise of building scalable, profitable and effective businesses that support a great work environment and don’t lose track of their purpose.