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Dawn Parker

Huddle Facilitator

After spending close to two decades in the pharmaceutical industry, and navigating my own path to health, I am truly grateful to have found my passion in functional medicine health coaching. SAFM has given me the advanced knowledge to propel my health coaching practice to new heights and help my clients achieve greater wellness. I feel blessed to be part of the amazing SAFM community and thankful to be able to give back as a huddle leader. A Massachusetts native, I now live in Indiana with my husband and two sons.

Julie Farrelly

Huddle Facilitator

I have been fortunate to have a wonderful career as a Nurse Practitioner in emergency, remote and primary care environments in Australia. However I never rarely saw patients with chronic diseases get better – ever! There had to be something drastically lacking in the advice and treatments that we were giving ‘according to standard of care’. Like everyone who has a story, my mother and grandmother have succumbed to Alzheimer’s disease – why does this have to be accepted as a natural progression of ageing? I now know that the body can indeed repair itself when given the right nutrition and environment in which to thrive! SAFM has given me the tools and knowledge to apply in a practical sense to ALL of my clients, regardless of their symptoms or state of dis-ease.

Kara Foster

Huddle Facilitator

I grew up with a “witch doctor” momma who instilled in me the belief that food and nature are medicine, and that we must be our own best advocates when it comes to our health. More than ten years ago, I left the corporate world to return to these wellness roots in pursuit of helping others learn to tackle their own solutions to food, mood and digestive issues by addressing their unique whole food and soul food at the root. Lots of education and experience later, I found SAFM and held on tight while it changed the game on my capabilities as a health coach.

I’m a knowledge geek with an incurable case of “the why?s”. I’m maniacal about serving my clients well. And I’m crazy passionate about, actively, contributing to the future success of both functional medicine and the leadership role health coaches play in it. Suffice it to say I’m thrilled to be a part of SAFM’s team where all of those attributes are part of the job description!

Tom Leous

Huddle Facilitator

Tom is an avid Tracy Harrison disciple and avowed addict. He entered the Holistic Arts field in 2013 at the tender, young age of 57. Tom is a New York State & Nationally certified Massage Therapist having graduated from the New York Institute of Massage, specializing in therapeutic massage and treating motor vehicle neck & back accident injury cases.

Prior to this, Tom spent 35 years in business, selling to and in, a wide variety of commercial and industrial industries. Before moving into Massage Therapy, Tom was in technology fields including Computer Hardware & Software, Telecommunications and Software Integration Services to the Fortune 500 IT companies.
He was a Journalism major in college.

Tom is New York State licensed & Nationally certified Massage Therapist. He is on track to complete his Applied Functional Medicine for Coaching (AFMC)
Certification with SAFM, in the next year.


Student Experience Coach, Huddle Facilitator

When my son began experiencing health issues that seemed unresolvable, I turned to Functional Medicine. Seemingly miraculously, my son got better. The experience ignited in me a passion to understand how this had been possible and a deep desire to get this information into the hands of others.  I now feel truly blessed to be a Health Coach and to find the SAFM family.  These opportunities are allowing me to play a part in the change I so desperately want to see in the world. I am truly honored to be a part of the SAFM team since this work is something that I believe in with every cell of my being.


Jill Raab

Huddle Facilitator

We all have a story and I just love to hear others stories and dive deeply into what makes them unique.  My story spans several decades.  I have always had a love of helping other people feel better.  Following a career as a nurse, midwife and Mum, working in both city and remote areas of Western Australia, I trained as a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach with FMCA.  

My hunger to learn more guided me to fulfill my quest for the latest science at the School of Applied Functional Medicine.  The journey to health is one we all take only when we are ready.  It is my joy to be a part of the new face of medicine, learning to be the best and to serve those that are ready for change as part of the SAFM family.


Jennifer Ragazzo

Huddle Facilitator, Forum Mentor

Having worked my way through many of my own health challenges over the years, including endometriosis, infertility, anxiety and depression, Hashimoto’s and more, much of which I self-hacked, finding extreme relief when I cleaned up my diet and my lifestyle.   I became passionate about helping others find options and relief for their own health struggles.  

As a former teacher, I felt God calling me to teach in a different capacity to focus on health and wellness. After attending IIN I craved a deeper understanding of the human body and stumbled upon SAFM which, as it has for so many others, has transformed not only my understanding of the human body and its interconnectedness but also my ability to help my clients transform their own health.  

I run my practice, Keeping it Real, in Eastern, PA where I also live with my husband, three children and dog. I absolutely love my SAFM community and consider them all part of my like-minded tribe of wellness advocates on a mission to change the health of our world!


Kathy Connell, CHC, AFMC

Student Experience Coach, Huddle Facilitator

As someone enormously blessed by the gifts of information and education that have empowered me to embrace Better health and well being, I am overflowing with gratitude and passion to share the bounty with my fellow human beings. The opportunity to be part of the SAFM team allows me to share the faucet of information and support that was given to me. I have become part of a loving family of brilliant and loving practitioners. Its the gift that keeps on giving! Indeed my cup “runneth over”.

Kelly Lutman, CHHC, AFMC

Huddle Facilitator, Forum Mentor

Having discovered the difference that food can make as I reversed my son’s ADD with diet change, I am passionate about sharing the message that we do not have to be subject to the common ailments of our time. I delight in supporting clients in their pursuit of wellness, as well as supporting students of SAFM in discovering the rich depths of functional medicine and it’s application in their practices. Each of us bring our own experience and story to the table, which enriches everyone else.

Rachael Pomato, MS, CNS, LDN

Huddle Facilitator Leader

Rachael loves sharing functional medicine with others and is particularly fascinated by the role of the GI tract in downstream dysfunction and imbalance. Rachael is also very passionate about empowering clients and coaches to prioritize self-care and the mind-body connection. Rachael found SAFM after searching for more education and tools to incorporate FM into her practice. She loves facilitating huddles, educating, listening, learning, sharing her experiences, and coaching other coaches.