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Deep Dive on Diabetes for Practitioners


I am so excited to share this Facebook Live and THESE POWERFUL PEARLS of functional medicine with you. At SAFM we honor that scientific knowledge is always evolving. That’s why we regularly revise our content in light of new research findings.

This information is CRITICAL for ALL practitioner modalities.

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Are you confident in your metabolic dysfunction knowledge?

Although you may already be a savvy practitioner, I am certain you will learn something new in this video. You’ll walk away with pages of notes and practical pearls you can use in your practice right away.

Here are some of the things we’ll be discussing:

  • The #1 lab marker that could turn the tide on the Type 2 Diabetes epidemic.
  • Surprising Root Causes that have Nothing to do with Diet
  • The keto craze and the fasting fad. As usual, the Devil is in the detail!
  • A low carb diet may drive Up blood sugar. Huh? Yes! Do you know why?
  • To fat or not to fat for diabetes? An important catch-22 about increasing good quality fats for diabetics.
  • The Resistance continues: from Insulin to Leptin!
  • Are the Microbes in charge again on this one too? Dis-ease begins in the gut yet again!
  • “You can eat a perfect diet, exercise regularly, and ______ can still cause early death.” (and often, Type 2 Diabetes!)
  • Downstream disease: Kidneys, Eyes, Neurons, and then the Liver! Alas, a classic downward spiral.
  • Remedies that work! Even better than medication (true data, not hype).

Thank you ALL for participating and sharing your inspiring comments, learning, and virtual hugs!

With warmth, love, and gratitude to you for sharing your gifts with so many –

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139 Questions for “Deep Dive on Diabetes for Practitioners”

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  1. 138
    Cindy says:

    Loved the FB live! Only got a chance to watch it today. My pearl would be to not only check fasting glucose, but also fasting insulin to really know what is at play. Thanks heaps! Loving the Core 101 Semester too!

  2. 137
    Sara says:

    It was very eye opening to me to hear that a low
    fasting bs could be a sighn of to much insulin.
    Would love to learn more about that!

  3. 136
    Galit says:

    I very much enjoyed the FB Essential Diabetes Pearls. What I found very interesting is the effect of stress on Insulin resistance. Thank you for all that incredible information. I’m interested in more education on the topic of diabetes and will look into it.

  4. 135
    Glennda Grier says:

    Fasting insulin for early intervention of insulin resistance.

  5. 134
    Mary Ann Proper says:

    Hi there, I’m a functional medicine Health Coach, and a registered nurse for many decades. I will now be Looking twice at all my friends family, and clients that complain of being Hangry! I will be wondering what their fasting insulin is! I too used to have symptoms of hypoglycemia many years ago. I became nervous, jittery, irritable just a few hours after eating. Now that I have improved my diet significantly, Change my lifestyle, and the way I perceive if stress, I no longer feel the need to have food available at all times. A steady blood sugar has been my route to a calmer disposition.

  6. 133
    Nathalie Keane says:

    Thank you again Tracy for once again offering such a great video! Even after having taken the course I still love to listen to you because I always pick up something new!
    Do you have some great studies on the « excessive butt seating syndrome » and increase risks of IR? And also about the new studies on T2D and auto immunity?
    Thank you!!!

  7. 132
    janet says:

    Hi Tracey
    thanks for doing these videos
    your amazing
    i love listening to you speak

  8. 131
    Carol says:

    I know I’m past the drawing cut off but, having just heard the replay, I still had to comment because the webinar was so excellent. There were some many pearls, including ones I can’t believe I didn’t know about until now, one being what’s going on behind the scenes with rising fasting insulin levels in stages 1 & 2, when glucose still falls within normal range, even looking great in stage 2. Oh my gosh! This is one I’m going to put into practice immediately. Thanks for this and the countless other pearls. This was excellent.

  9. 130
    Jenny De Matteo says:

    To understand all aspects of diabetes is especially important to me not only as a new health coach who loves learning about the endocrine system but I have two older brothers both with type 2 that I’d like to help as much as possible inside my scope of practice. My dad died 17 years ago from side effects due to diabetes and which makes this is an extremely important subject to me

  10. 129
    Lori Lamb says:

    thank you for another jampacked FB LIVE! I debated taking this class in the 101 semester last September and can’t wait to experience the whole module! I loved adding the fasting insulin test and your thoughts on Keto.

  11. 128
    Lucy Coppes says:

    I love all your videos, you have so much information and knowledge. You are really inspiring!

  12. 127
    Sonya says:

    Tracy, this is an entire webinar of pearls…
    To know that insulin resistance
    starts in the large muscle in the legs
    and to know the link with fasting glucose
    and insulin are eye openers!!
    Thanks again Tracy. I want to learn more.

  13. 126
    Heather Lowe says:

    I loved the importance of educating patients that their stress levels can cause a buildup of glucose and insulin insufficiency patterns. I love to educate my patients about the negative
    Effects and power of stress but didnt connect it to insulin problems.
    Thanks for connecting the dots! I also loved the importance of how ketogenic diets wont work if the fat breakdown in the cell and therefore mitochondria uptake isn’t sufficient. Makes me think that the Organix test is another way to differentiate this potential benefit for people. Thanks I live your enthusiasm and sharing of your extensive knowledge!

  14. 125
    Janine says:

    Great live session today. Many clinical pearls learned. I was fascinated by the bit on fasting insulin. I don’t think I have ever had a patient that got that checked. So many are fixated on fasting glucose. The other one wa so never though of Hemoglobin when testing HbA1C. Lots of patients I have seen have low ferritin, Hb etc. it’s important to understand more than just what a lab value is but it’s effects on other things and vice versa.

  15. 124
    Marsha D Donaldson says:

    Learning how valuable fasting insulin is in predicting diabetes.

  16. 123
    Beth Finnigan says:

    Wow Tracy, another pearl packed FB live. Thank you…so many pearls – will watch again (and again) to really bring it onboard. Will definitely be adding this class one way or another!

    Big news for me today…insulin resistance starts in the legs. (neuropathy?) Also reaffirmed how JUST moving your body, as simple as going for a walk, makes a difference in assisting your body to deal with elevated BS.

    Elevated stress spikes blood sugar. Actually have heard you touch on this before, but this builds more connection to the interconnectedness just how damaging living with unchecked stress is – on a cellular level – and effects every organ and system.

  17. 122
    Laura Windsor says:

    Thank you for this very informative video. The area I am practicing in is very lacking in patient education and care when it comes to diabetes. I have learned a lot. The clinical pearl that I got the most out of is insulin resistance begins in the large muscle of the legs.
    I also found the fasting insulin lab draw informative, as well as the medication bernerine. I am very excited to get the resources from you.

  18. 121
    Christine Rodesiler says:

    It’s a shame that going through NP school doesn’t delve as deep as you have tonight. There is a lot of terms I’m sure I will learn as session begins, but I found it all very fascinating. One thing that did spark my interest was the use of barberry supplement. I honestly have never heard of this but it’s definitely something I will look further into. Thank you for the lecture!!

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