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Finally! Relief from Post-menopausal Vaginal Dryness

As you can likely imagine, this is a simple yet powerful way to increase your client’s delight in working with you!  I hope you find this short clinical tip video helpful and inspiring.

Where possible, I recommend choosing organic flaxseed.  I usually recommend my clients purchase it in bulk as whole seed.  Then they may grind a week’s worth at once in a coffee grinder and store it in the refrigerator.  Regardless of whether they buy it ground or whole, ground seed should be kept cold until consumed to minimize oxidation of the omega-3 polyunsaturated fats that become exposed to air after grinding.

Some of your clients may be interested in research demonstrating flax’s ability to protect estrogen-sensitive tissue (e.g. breast, ovaries) from the effects of high trophic estrogen levels (e.g. estradiol).  Several research examples are listed below.   This is a summary article which might be helpful to share with patients and clients: .

Or if you are interested in a wider survey of flax’s wonderful therapeutic capabilities, please check this out.  A surprising area of ongoing research is regarding flax’s ability to reduce arterial inflammation and cardiovascular disease risk/progression.


Here is a small subset of the wide array of available, clinical study references regarding flaxseed use in breast cancer prevention/therapy (click on PMID numbers to seek the entire abstract).  In appreciation to for references

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2 Questions for “Finally! Relief from Post-menopausal Vaginal Dryness”

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    Kathleen Mitchell says:

    Flax is an amazing addition to the diet for so many reasons – as listed above – and it seems to be preventive food against estrogen positive breast cancer. I understand it is great for prevention, but once you are diagnosed with it, can flax be helpful? Or dangerous? Thanks so much. I am supporting a woman with breast cancer and gathering much information from your site, as I find it so incredibly helpful!

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      SAFM Team says:

      You are very welcome! I appreciate your question as it was an opportunity to update this Q&A. As always, the use of supplements in combination with various types of cancer treatment (including medications, if used) is a very personal choice that should be up to the patient to decide in concert with their entire healthcare team. Unlike other phytoestrogens where there is insufficient evidence (or negative study findings) to see if supplement use might counter the effects of various oncology drugs, there is some good evidence to show that lignans such as flaxseed can actually help to potentiate the effects of tamoxifen and can be used safely and therapeutically for those who currently have breast cancer (vs. just by those who seek to prevent this disease). I try to share available research data with my clients and support them in investigating options which might be helpful; in re: flax, this resource may be of value: .

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