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Surprising Interconnectedness: Functional Medicine Insights on Complex Issues


I am so excited to share this Facebook Live with you.  At SAFM we teach our students to be both confident and highly skilled at “puzzle piecing” and finding the interconnectedness between pieces of each patient’s unique case.

In this presentation, I’ll feature some surprising root causes of downstream dysfunction / blockage / impairment in the body.

Check out this video to get some clinical pearls you can use right away.  You’ll learn:

  • The conventional go-to “solution” for weight loss creates a life-long concern
  • Kidney stones begin in the gut
  • An everyday choice on the heels of bliss can promote women’s suffering
  • The acid/alkaline fad is creating some powerful misconceptions
  • Yes, Stress is bad. But it can cause dis-ease in ways that will surprise you.
  • and much more…

Thank you very much for joining in the fun and learning!

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With warmth, love, and gratitude to you for sharing your gifts with so many –





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160 Questions for “Surprising Interconnectedness: Functional Medicine Insights on Complex Issues”

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  1. 152
    Mindy LeRoy says:

    Thank you, Tracy, for your rich insight into the complex world of wellness. Tonights FB session was amazing!. I see a lot of post-bariatric patients who struggle with malabsorption, fatigue, food cravings and depression. Thank you for the pearl of giving digestive enzymes to these patients! I often encourage IV nutrient therapy but did not even think about trying to optimize what nutrients they are already putting into their bodies. I learn so much from you in such a short period of time, and you teach and explain very difficult and complex topics in such an easy and understandable way. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  2. 151
    Linda Osmond says:

    Tracy, do you recommend the DUTCH urine test for the adrenal testing? You mentioned urinary adrenal testing. Or do you like the 24-hour urine test. Thanks! Linda

    • 151.1
      SAFM Team says:

      Indeed, I do recommend DUTCH testing for an adrenal-only assessment. As a more distant 2nd choice, I would use salivary testing for cortisol (though you will miss out on a Lot of richer understanding of what dynamic is actually at play vs. DUTCH). I would not use 24-hour testing unless you are primarily concerned about true, overt disease of the adrenal gland (e.g. Cushing’s, which is rare, and there are more effective diagnostic tests e.g. STIM) because you gain no insight into the diurnal curve of cortisol, dysregulation of which is much more commonly at play in what we might label “adrenal issues” in modern society.

  3. 150
    Eva says:

    This blew my mind! I have been more of a plant-based eater for 15 months. I DO eat fish and eggs and lots of lehumes and beans. When you mentioned, “alkaline phosphatase” it piqued my interest! My recent blood work revealed that my alkaline phosphatase is on the low side (it’s at a level 22).
    I’m curious as to whether I should be concerned and what my next steps might be.
    Thank you so much in advance for any guidance.

    • 150.1
      SAFM Team says:

      Good for you for making a personal connection with your learning! Alas, we are unable to give any type of personal insight in this venue. Given your low level, I would definitely consider the possibility of zinc deficiency and explore that further perhaps in teamwork with your healthcare practitioners. Some individuals would choose (and some practitioners would recommend) exploring this finding with other labwork, while others would choose to add zinc just based on this finding. I will comment that legumes and most nuts/seeds are notably high in copper which does compete for absorption with zinc. You may have an imbalance in these two which is impairing your ability to absorb zinc. I hope these are some helpful things to consider. Enjoy the exploration!

  4. 149
    Lauren Pursell says:

    Hello Tracy and the SAFM tribe!!
    I wanted to thank you first and foremost for sending me the link to the Facebook webnar with Tracy Harrison. I have been a struggling Health Coach for many years, but never giving up on my dream to share my knowledge and what I have learned to help people heal. About six months ago, I found SAFM, and right away I new this was a special program. I watched the free webnar with Tracy on constipation, and I wanted to know more about the program right away. I reached out to SAFM and received a phone call from Jodi Franklin. My goal was to sign up for the September Core 101 semester. On Fathers Day this year, I was engaged. Remaining hopeful to fulfill two dreams at once. Marrying my best friend, and trying to pay for school that will further my career and allow me to live my dharma as a confident Health Coach. I believe in continuing education, the more I know, the more I am able to help my clients. Thank you for all you do! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with each and everyone of us allowing us to keep the ripple effect of health moving in a positive direction. Thank you Tracy Harrison for your gift!!
    I hope I am not to late for the opportunity for a chance to become a part of the Tribe!!

    With a Hopeful Heart,
    Lauren Pursell, C.H.H.C

  5. 148
    Rande Freedman says:

    I was aware how important dental health was but never thought about having a tooth pulled as part of the equation. Would having your wisdom teeth removed over 40 years ago be taken into consideration?

    I really enjoy you learning from you,


  6. 147
    Sanet says:

    The role of the skin in absorption of both healthy and potentially toxic compounds should never be underestimated. Thank you for all your teachings!

  7. 146
    Sanet says:

    Always keep a beginner’s mind! Thank you for many practical pearls.

  8. 145
    Sandra Stanley-Chavis says:

    Thank you for sharing these abundant blessings which are a lifesaving vehicle for my improved help. Of all the things you could have talked about, case #1 was my answered prayer! My gallbladder was removed about nine years ago. To this day, I did not believe it should have been removed. As you talked about this case, the tears began to roll down my cheeks! I thought, no gallbladder and now I am suffering because of this doctor’s decision! I have lost 24 lbs since last year and my doctor has not supported me or given me any guidance to gain my weight back nor has diagnosed my problem! As a recent health coach graduate, I concluded that I have malabsorption problems. I am not sure if I have a dysbiosis problem as well as SIBO. I am already taking omega-3, and a multiple Vit. I will now add bile salts with my meals.
    Question: How did you normalize her bowel movements? That is one of my continued problems. This is my key or missing ingredient that I need to start to gain my weight back. I do know that it is imperative to move these fat soluble vitamins out of the body if stored to long due to a risk of toxicity! If I am not digesting fats well that means I’m not digesting my fat soluble Vitamins, A D E and K. Between meals you said that she was taking lipase to break the fat down in the liver. Question: How much lipase was she taking?
    Thank you in advance for your responses to my questions. I hope to find a functional doctor to check my bile duct and hepatic bilirubin system.
    Again Tracy Harrison, thank you for this life saving chest of gold which I know will bless me in improving my health after such a long time with NO guidance!!

  9. 144
    Desiree De Vries says:

    I can’t believe I never thought about a tooth being pulled as a body part being missing! It has dawned on me that your body would heal and work differently without a gallbladder, but for some reason a missing tooth?! This blew my mind! I also didn’t know that a lemon had magnesium citrate in it! I love everything you do 🙂 Thank you so much for all of your wisdom pearls!!!! <3

  10. 143
    Lucy says:

    Thank you again for the fantastic thought provoking webinar, I have learned a lot and enjoyed every part of it. ????

  11. 142
    Beth says:

    This session was full of pearls for me, particularly the first story and the unraveling the root cause of insulin resistance in Tracy’s prior client. “The devil is in the detail”! Start from the beginning again with a new In-take -what’s changed? It was amazing to me where this actually got its roots. From HRT to gallbladder disease to Insulin resistance! I know to think in terms of interconnectedness, but honestly, I struggle to follow the progression of what pings what. (Bile salts can act as hormones – wow, this took me down a rabbit hole!)

  12. 141
    Melissa Homner says:

    Thank you for sharing these four fascinating cases from your practice. Thank you for sharing so freely your wisdom and fun! Melissa Homner

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