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Geeking out on Functional Medicine science isn’t Enough! What makes SAFM Different

At SAFM, we appreciate that we have many several, very credible colleagues offering functional medicine training programs.  We love them and appreciate their service.  What we offer at SAFM is different, and there are very specific reasons How and Why!  (And I got really passionate about them in this video; even if you’re already a student, check it out.  These are powerful messages of inspiration and caution for All healthcare practitioners looking to delve into using functional medicine know-how.)

Are you looking to take your practice to the next level and grow exponentially?

The Core 101 Semester is our signature program of study, built to help practitioners achieve dramatically better patient outcomes, which can lead to an influx of patients organically, especially via qualified referrals.  (How does having a perpetual patient wait list for your services sound to you?)  This semester program is designed to help practitioners take their practice to the next level – and beyond.  It’s meant for dedicated health professionals who want their clients’ and patients’ experience – and their own as a practitioner! – to go from being a 5 to a 10.

Check out the video below to learn more about what makes us different here at The School of Applied Functional Medicine™.  Here are some of things I covered:

  • Why helping people to Get Well is not enough. Functional medicine has a major branding problem. And practical pitfalls that can hold back this amazing movement for health care transformation. We’re taking a stand!
  • Why do so many SAFM students already have prior FM training (including certifications)?
  • Why is the Core 101 Semester a springboard for practice Growth? Achieve dramatically better patient and client outcomes and build your practice organically. Learn how they’re doing it!
  • Straight talk on what makes SAFM Different (maybe Better for You, maybe Not).

With warmth, love, and gratitude to you for sharing your gifts with so many –

P.S. If you know that healthcare must be transformed to be sustainable and effective, and you believe strongly that Functional Medicine is key to making that happen, we urge you to learn about our semester program.

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77 Questions for “Geeking out on Functional Medicine science isn’t Enough! What makes SAFM Different”

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  1. 68
    Rachael says:

    Hi, I am very interested in this program. I want to know if I get any books and material sent to me along with the online part. I took a coaching course that had you print everything off and build your own binder and was not a fan of this. Also, how many hours a week does the average person who works part time need to spend in order to finish in 10 months?
    Thanks! Also love Traceys voice and enthusiasm , I can understand her well

  2. 67
    Christianne says:

    I’m finishing IIN health coach course and I would like to know if I am qualified to take this course. I have others certifications.

  3. 66
    Dee Valles says:

    Are pharmacists allowed to participate in SAFM training and certification?

  4. 65
    America Diaz says:

    Just to be clear, we pay for one semester at a time? Example the April registration is only for the first semester?

    • 65.1
      SAFM Team says:

      Thanks for your interest! Yes, you register for one semester at a time. This gives our students flexibiity on when they choose to engage in the 2nd semester. Some students complete the 1st semester quickly and finish the 2nd one bumper-to-bumper; others take a break in beween. A common choice in our program is taking a full year for each semester in order to allow a more easeful completion of each program. The choice is yours!

  5. 64
    Carleen says:

    Where can I find a list of prerequisite licenses. I am an esthetician and would love to take this course but I am sure I need more qualifications first.

  6. 63
    Carol Lake says:

    Hi there, I am currently still in school (second degree) and was wondering if I could start this program now, or if I have to wait until I am a practitioner?
    Thank you!

    • 63.1
      SAFM Team says:

      Thanks for your interest! All SAFM students already have the license or certification required for their modality of practice, and we require that all students be actively employed in a professional practice. We wish you well in your studies and hope you will join us in the future. Enjoy!

  7. 62
    Mona says:

    Is everything online? What is the lecture schedule? Are the lectures all pre-recorded?

    • 62.1
      SAFM Team says:

      Yes, everything is online, Mona. There’s an extensive library of pre-recorded lectures and also many opportunities to attend case discussion calls and lectures live as we continually update the material to keep up with the science. At the beginning of your semester, you will receive a tentative study schedule that you are welcome to adjust to your needs. Here’s more information about what is included in your course:
      Feel free to reach out to our support team if you have more questions:

  8. 61
    Kerri Cravey says:

    How long is the semester and how many total semesters? What is the final total cost and time to sit for certification. Thank you!

    Kerri Cravey.

    • 61.1
      SAFM Team says:

      Thanks for your interest! We offer two semesters: Core 101 and Advanced 202. The schedule for both allows the practitioner to work at a pace that is compatible with their schedule and availability. Some students finish a semester quickly in 6-7 months (or even more quickly if they are between jobs and can study full-time), but most work at a pace that allows completion in 10-11 months (alongside part-time or full-time employment). The semester tuition will depend on the timing of your registration (the cost of certification exams is included with your semester registration as long as each level is completed within 18 months of the respective semester start). The final Level 3 certification step is a Competency Case study submission, and the timing at which you would be able to support a strong, successful case is going to depend greatly on how large your practice is and how quickly you can begin to incorporate your functional medicine learning into case practice. We purposefully allow for variability in timing to accommodate individuals’ unique needs, but the typical student experience involves about 2.5 years to experience both semesters and successfully complete all three levels of the certification process.

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