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What can YOU learn from Davina’s case?


Good day to you!

Today I’m kicking off a series of  videos celebrating a few of our newly AFMC-certified practitioners – and key clinical pearls we can all take from their excellent case study assessments.

Here at SAFM, we offer an optional, two-year certification program called AFMC, Applied Functional Medicine for Coaching. It’s a rigorous process that gives practitioners a chance to demonstrate 2 powerful milestones:  (1) that they’ve completed two semesters of SAFM education and (2)  that they’ve practiced using this knowledge with enough of their own patients/clients to have developed some really solid skills.  It’s an awesome achievement!   And a delight for me to see over and over again just how astute our graduates become via an SAFM education and their commitment to practice-practice-practice their skills – from nurse practitioners to health coaches to nutritionists to physicians.

You will surely walk away with a string of pearls from this series.  In this video, look for key insights about exercise, cortisol, oxidative stress (and glutathione), and the potential impact of oral contraception use (ongoing use of birth control pills can actually present many more issues than you might expect).  Be on the lookout for these in your own patients and clients too.

Congratulations to Davina Sandground (her practice is Nutrition Groove LLC), a long-time SAFM student and health coach, and her excellent work with a 53-year-old woman with long-standing bloating, distention and nausea. Check out the video and see what surprises you…

Thank you so much for joining in. I wish you well in your practice growth!

* If you would like further information about our certification program and how it distinguishes a practitioner from his or her peers, read more here.
** If you would like information about the SAFM Semester Program that qualifies you to seek this certification, learn more and register here.



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