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Post Nasal Drip, Drip, Drip

Q:  Okay, I just know you have a quick and easy answer to this one!  One of my clients is struggling all the time with post nasal drip (even when he’s on the phone with me!).  He’s constantly clearing his throat and blows his nose regularly.  He says this is an issue year-round.  Any suggestions to help him?  I think it could be one of those “quick wins” you talk about – to build his confidence in me and in getting better overall.

A: Unfortunately, this discomfort is common – and a typical symptom of chronic inflammation from the immune system. His body is daily exposed to something it finds threatening. Sometimes, this is a household allergen. However, I find the most typical cause of chronic post nasal drip is a food sensitivity, specifically to dairy foods.  Yes, milk, cream, cheese, etc.. I highly recommend your client try eliminating these foods for 2 weeks and see how he feels. To get a good result, he really needs to eliminate them 100% (cold-turkey), so be sure to coach him on where to look for hidden sources, especially in  processed foods (e.g. casein, whey).  If he feels better without it, I recommend helping him to find non-dairy alternatives for all of his favorite things (e.g. coconut-milk-based coffee creamer and yogurt).

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