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The Biggest Myths about Supplements


I am so excited to share this Facebook Live and THESE POWERFUL PEARLS of functional medicine with you. At SAFM we honor that scientific knowledge is always evolving. That’s why we are always revising our content in light of new research findings.

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Supplements are a provocative topic! Some practitioners shun them as toxic. Others believe copious, high-doses are necessary. As usual, the truth is somewhere in the middle. But confusion abounds! And this is a particularly myth-riddled topic with way too much information coming from unsubstantiated claims in blogs. Catch the latest video here.

Targeted nutrient or therapeutic supplementation can indeed be a powerful tool. But there are some common mistakes that we see practitioners make over and over again. Sometimes they can prevent client progress. Other times they might actually be causing harm.

In this video, you will learn about COMMON (and not so common) truths about Supplementation and some good old-fashioned myth busting! 

Are you confident in this arena? 

Although you may already be a savvy practitioner, I am certain you will learn something new that you can apply right away in your practice.

Here are some of the things we’ll be discussing:

  • The common physician recommendation that is causing heart attacks
  • The most common supplement-medication mistake
  • A voice of reason amidst all the MTHFR pop craziness
  • What those strange symptoms after starting a Vitamin D supplement are all about
  • A truly surprising reason why iron status (ferritin) isn’t getting better 
  • And much, much more!


Thank you very much for joining in the fun and learning!

With warmth, love, and gratitude to you for sharing your gifts with so many –

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67 Questions for “The Biggest Myths about Supplements”

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  1. 60
    Gicella Balbi says:

    Great topic today! Thank you!!
    I completely agree with the nutrient deficiency we have in our food supply today. I’ve been trying to educate my clients and friends about the importance of knowing where the food is coming from.
    I recommend buy from local farmers and even asking them how they harvest.
    I am in favor of supplements, the real kind, natural and not processed or made “pretty “ by adding chemicals.
    I learned so much today!! Thank you Tracy!!! Keep up the good work!!

  2. 59
    Claire Acevedo says:

    Hi, I just started following you a few months back and have become interested in learning more about functional Medicine. Your webinar had many interesting peearls , specifically about the Iron and administration, the Vegan person needing Vit B12 and the Zinc. Many aspects of your lecture will allow me to search out more info to provide care to myself and others. I have my medical textbooks out looking up many of the terms you used today.
    Thank you for taking time today to discuss this.

  3. 58
    Vanessa Buckley says:

    I always love Tracy’s Facebook live events and learn so much! Tonight I loved her focus on how we sometimes need supplements to ‘thrive not survive’, but this is a complex area and not as simplified as it sometimes seems! We cannot always get what we need need form nutrient rich foods. Our nutrient demand is very high in our modern world!!

  4. 57
    Claire Tonack says:

    Hi Tracy, loved this webinar today… so many pearls and your brilliant enthusiasm! I give thanks for your reminder to take K2 alongside with Vit D for bone health as we women enter our perimenopausal years.
    Thanks again!

  5. 56
    Kim Lemberg says:

    So much great information but seems like everyone has low iron. It really is such a common issue today for sure.

    My ears perked up when discussing about iron. Just understanding more at the core and different reasons especially wear and tear in the gut lining and how it impairs absorption of nutrients like iron.

    The biggest take away was WHY so many reasons for low ferritin levels and what competes with iron is calcium and how important iron is and what it does in the body. Oxygen, to transmitters, to healthy thyroid conversion. But too much iron causes inflammation in the body. I would of never of know that. Wow!

    Also, why we do not want to much or too little iron and iron is a heavy metal.

    Loving the BEST tips to take iron supplementation is once a day in the morning and only every other day or every third day. No wonder mine and so many other clients ferritin levels are low. The best is to take iron supplementation amino acids chelate not a salt borne that cause constipation. I was always confused on which iron supplement to take. Thanks for clearing that up!

  6. 55
    Lisa Jones Clark says:

    The connection between low B6 and estrogen dominance due to inhibiting proper detoxification of estrogen in the liver struck a chord with me.

  7. 54
    Michelle Shnaider says:

    Great Live today.

    I hadn’t heard about the myths of whole food supplements vs traditional before. You are so right we can all at times get caught up in the great marketing of companies to get us to buy products.

  8. 53
    Roxana says:

    Thank you for the interest webinar! It was great
    to hear your viewpoints regarding some key
    supplements. I will definitely start recommending
    iron every other day or several times a week rather
    than daily. Thanks for all the tips!

  9. 52
    michele stefan says:

    I had never heard of “drug muggers” before. That was really cool. Just noting how we should be aware of medications and their impact on nutritional deficiency was the best takeaway for me.

  10. 51
    Mary Signorelli says:

    The pearl about CO-Q10 depletion in those using statin medication has been very valuable for me. I’ve requested that a few clients ask their doctors about using it and they’ve all been grateful for the advice.
    Thanks Tracy!

  11. 50
    Heidi Tobey says:

    OMG! Broccoli has over 500 identifiable nutrients! That’s something the average person doesn’t know. 🙂 Is it just the amount of some of the nutrients that are depleted (like 50% of Vitamin C), or is the number of different nutrients less than 30/40 years ago?

  12. 49
    Michelle Cardimen says:

    I am part of January 2019 Core 101 training. I absolutely love every moment of the webinars and always walk away with a few precious pearls. One thing new to me today was that Vitamin D supplementation in higher amounts can affect magnesium level. I would have not thought to supplement Magnesium then taper up the Vitamin D for the client. I also love the two references I have heard a few times 1.) No pantry of extra nutrients in the left butt cheek and 2.) Stranger danger as it relates to how our body reacts to food that looks like a non-food.

  13. 48
    Suzanne Healy says:

    I liked learning about iron absorption and how it is best taken in the morning and not every day. Thank you for offering these FB lives!

  14. 47
    Laure Klapac says:

    I really like the clarification on calcium supplements myth!

  15. 46
    stefanie Aring says:

    This was yet another awesome seminar. I have been doing the semester for 3 weeks now and feel like I have been hearing a lot of these things over and over, which makes it stick. I, like many others, am always happy to be reminded about Metformin depleting B12 and iron needed to be taken every other day for best absorption. And its also good to learn more about all these mutations coming out from all the genetic testing clients are doing to learn what we should (and should not) be doing with that information.

  16. 45

    As always, amazing webinar! This is an area that I have so much to learn about! Because I am currently supplementing with iron and not having much luck, the last part of those discussion was gold for me
    Also clients I am currently serving are using many of the drugs you talked about that cause specific vitamin deficiencies. I know more now and can in turn help them. Thank you! Melissa Homner

  17. 44
    Samantha Press says:

    What did I learn the most? That I need to clean out my supplement cabinet. LOL! No, really I just adore Tracy and her teachings. I always enjoy learning about our complex bodies in such a very simple way because of how understandable Tracy is. Thank you for so much for all you do and teach!

  18. 43
    Lorena Fiore says:

    Thanks so much for sharing such a wealth of information with us. As a vegan, Your rationale for zinc depletion due to its competition with copper was particularly insightful for me.

  19. 42
    Ann Curtis says:

    I was interested in Traci’s comment about a person’s difficulty/converting beta carotene (from food) into Vitamin A and that is might/could be hampered if the person has Hypothyroidism. Definitely something to keep in mind, esp if a person has eye issues and also has thyroid problems.

  20. 41
    Chris says:

    Hi! I am absolutely passionate about how our body works and I am on a mission to teach people the nuts and bolts in order for them to make their eating work for them..
    I’d love to participate in a training of yours in the future, your school is definately in my wish list.
    Thank you so much for your passion and eagerness to share your knowledge.
    I am a functional nutrition coach from the FNXA.
    I’d love your insights on amino acids for anxiety , adrenal fatigue stage 3, insomnia and similar issues or all together. I’ve seen, a lack of compliance is common when adverse events in life ( like many tragedies one after the other ) . As with supplements, and as you very well said, we have to practice in integrity and with a functional mindset at all times and getting to the roots ie addressing digestion, life style and other basic factors will always be first. I would like to know how you approach to the use of them though, and in what specific cases. Thanks in advance ! Love your work.

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