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The First Two Acid Reflux Solutions To Try

This is a deep cut from our video archives, but we’re keeping it available to you for inspiration on the power of foundational interventions.  Please kindly forgive the poor A/V quality.

If you want to know more about acid reflux, you will enjoy this additional Clinical Tip post with more info detail about common causes and simple solutions for your clients.

2 Questions for “The First Two Acid Reflux Solutions To Try”

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    Shika Kudjoe says:

    Mixing ACV with bicarbonate soda and water gives temporary relief for heartburn. How safe is the mixture and if client is comfortable with it, is it safe to continue to use it on a daily basis without any long term effects

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      SAFM Team says:

      It is actually the highly alkaline baking soda that gives relief from the heartburn (even at 1/4 tsp or less). While this can be a helpful triage intervention of acid reflux discomfort, it is dramatically increasing the pH of stomach fluids and impairing digestion and is thus not a good ongoing choice. It is creating low stomach acidity. Again, with the functional medicine lens, our opportunity is to get to the root cause of the acid reflux and make it go away, so this type of triage (but counter-productive) intervention is not necessary. The baking soda would be similar to taking a “TUMS” or similar high-mineral-containing remedy to neutralize stomach acid. I would never recommend this for daily use because it would promote ongoing impairment in digestion.

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