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What am I Grateful for? You’ll be Surprised!


I am so excited to share this Facebook Live and THESE POWERFUL PEARLS of functional medicine with you.  At SAFM we teach our students to be both confident and highly skilled at “puzzle piecing” and finding the interconnectedness between pieces of each patient’s unique case.

With the Thanksgiving holiday just past here in the US, it’s a perfect opportunity to learn about some new tools to be grateful for – and celebrate – in supporting your patients and clients. Not the obvious ones, but the surprising ones, the shocking ones. They are a good reminder for all of us to keep a broad perspective and make use of a diverse toolbox (vs. a limited, overzealous one).  I am thankful for anything and everything that allows a unique person to make progress toward greater wellness.

Although you may already be a savvy practitioner, I am certain you will learn something new that you can apply right away in your practice. Here are some of the things we’ll be discussing:
  • Why I am grateful for specific, powerful pharmaceutical drugs
  • The healing power of fast food menu choices (yes!)
  • How a microwave oven can be a wellness breakthrough (huh?)
  • Why saying No! to a gym membership may be the most healing choice
  • Could television ads be the opportunity at last for your client to commit to healthier lifestyle choices (what?)
  • The soda I celebrate (are you surprised? it gets even better!)
  • and much more…

Thank you very much for joining in the fun and learning!

With warmth, love, and gratitude to you for sharing your gifts with so many –






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69 Questions for “What am I Grateful for? You’ll be Surprised!”

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  1. 20
    Monique says:

    This is my first time joining in (I’m thinking about signing up for the course starting in January!)… And while I’ve always understood and practiced the idea of meeting a client where they are at; but they way you explained it really highlighted a few ways I hadn’t previously thought about. For instance- the idea of starting with a less expensive supplement vs one they can’t afford and even eating a McDonalds salad vs a big mac. I’m grateful for the opportunity to tune in to your wisdom! Thank you!

  2. 19
    Ines says:

    I am very grateful for your energy Tracy and your passion, this live was awesome and soo inspiring! Yes we have to meet people where they are, with all our heart and compassion! It feels so great to hear that it’s ok to use cheaper supplements, get that water in even if not filtered, eat those veggies even if not organic, move on your couch while watching tv… I love all of this!
    And I think that if I were starting every day by listen to you, I will feel more energized and more ready to anything looool! ( english 2nd langage)

  3. 18
    Ralda Georges says:

    Grateful for all the informations I got from Safm and grateful to be able to help People to have healthier life style and grateful to be on this meaningful path of helping other. The most rewarding life experince so far:) love it

  4. 17
    Linda Delmore says:

    Tracy, Thank you for being a down to earth person, I love listening and learning from you. Love the information you share with all of us and your clients. You help me in believing in myself again. I always try to help my clients with small changes in their diet, movement and outlook on these changes. I found they achieved more in their lives without being overwhelmed, by doing the small changes. Thank You

  5. 16
    Elizabeth Elliott says:

    So glad I caught this live video! Loving my learning in Core 101.

  6. 15
    Dawn Auletta says:

    I am so grateful for the the tips and ways to normalize the discussion if bowel movements and the tips and suggestions to make it fun family activity to introduce the sqautty potty into their daily movement’s. I will use I feel inspired to add this into my conversation with clients who feel uneasy about the topic and as a fun way to introduce the sqautty potty into their family.

  7. 14
    Sandi Kern says:

    Always beautiful and passionate, thank you for your steadfast inspiration. Together we xan hea lo the World. So grateful for YOU!

  8. 13
    Dixie Reynolds says:

    Love the miracle noodle suggestion! Can’t wait to look that up. A funny thing, your favorite vegetable is my least favorite vegetable. Granted, I have only had it in canned Campbell’s soup and I am sure there are better ways to prepare it… I would love it if you shared your favorite way to eat okra!

  9. 12
    Jane Phillips says:

    Most inspiring on today’s Gratitude webinar is the fact that we coaches take a heart-centered approach in leading our clients from where they are at to where they want to be, all by guiding them in choosing the best option from what’s available/affordable to them, in a nonjudgemental, supportive way. I loved this webinar today, the fact that we can talk about anything. So much fun, inspiration, knowledge!

  10. 11
    Clarissa Vann says:

    I’m eternally grateful for your reminder that the smallest steps toward optimal health are still steps. What a great reminder!

  11. 10
    Jen C says:

    I will have to review this Pearl-tastic live again soon! I love suggesting things like already prepared/chopped/spiraled frozen veggies to my clients. Also I LOVE the suggestion about okra and okra water, never heard of the latter! Using this for women with dry vaginal conditions is a wonderful idea! Thank you!

  12. 9
    Michael Reid says:

    Absolutely celebrating other’s just for trying !! Bravo

  13. 8
    Adrienne Markus says:

    I am grateful for the reminder to meet clients where they are – wherever that is! And for the great discussion about the Squatty Potty! 🙂

  14. 7
    Viktoriya Pleshkan says:

    Thank you for finding the time to speak today!

  15. 6
    silvia graber says:

    This talk was so timely as i just received an email from a client this morning that she did not want to continue to take any of her supplements anymore, 2 months into our work together. This was helpful in reminding me to have compassion, patience, and to accommodate where clients are , and meet them there. Thanks so much!

  16. 5
    Ariel Zimmerlein says:

    I am grateful for this community in working to normalize bowel movements. I’ve always loved talking about bowel movements and really am committed to normalizing the conversation. Love the suggestions and all the information in reminding us practitioners to meet others where they are at and remember to really celebrate every step. I am very grateful to share and celebrate mine and my clients journey towards better health.

  17. 4
    Bonnie Miera says:

    Great info as always!

  18. 3
    Dana J Camera says:

    First of all, I’m grateful for this program. :o)

    Gratefulness for this Live: I was grateful for Tracy’s take on immunosuppressant medications for people suffering from autoimmune diseases. I’m always so negative about meds (due to my own experiences with them), I never really explored the value of them for short term use with our clients. This was an awesome reframe! Thank you! I also loved everything else! xo

  19. 2
    Rohit panwar says:

    What if ALL the aliens in our universe peacefully coexist together, but they found Earth and saw that we couldn’t even unite as a planet so they didn’t contact us because they didn’t want us ruin the nice thing they have going for them. ????

    I wouldn’t be surprised !!

    We, humans, have a general tendency to be self centered. Don’t be surprised if you are self centered. It’s in the genes. It comes from centuries of hardships our ancestors might have faced, trying to survive against the odds. It’s our dominant genes which come to the fore when we talk/think about necessities, comforts and luxuries. It’s something that has been passed down.

    We want it all or we want control of it all. It’s all about us.

    But the 21st century has brought abundance for India and a lot of other countries. There is food on almost every table. Amen !! And there are things happening which will ensure more food on the table.

    Now is the time to change the outlook.

    Now is the time to start acknowledging the good of others and not always looking what bad the other one inflicted.

    Now is the time when we must think of the ones who are not so privileged and sincerely try to share the happiness we have been blessed with.

    Now is the time that we must carve on stone what good your friend, relative, spouse, co-worker has done for you.

    Because gratitude is contagious !!! It will spread easily and result in a world where we help one another and there is NO CONFLICT WHATSOEVER. The lifespan is so short that everyone should get the basic amenities at least. I hope and I pray

  20. 1
    Lisa DeLoach says:

    love meeting clients where they are in the process of health and healing. Love, love, love the expressed ideas in this talk about how you can do this! Thank you

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