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What am I Grateful for? You’ll be Surprised!


I am so excited to share this Facebook Live and THESE POWERFUL PEARLS of functional medicine with you.  At SAFM we teach our students to be both confident and highly skilled at “puzzle piecing” and finding the interconnectedness between pieces of each patient’s unique case.

With the Thanksgiving holiday just past here in the US, it’s a perfect opportunity to learn about some new tools to be grateful for – and celebrate – in supporting your patients and clients. Not the obvious ones, but the surprising ones, the shocking ones. They are a good reminder for all of us to keep a broad perspective and make use of a diverse toolbox (vs. a limited, overzealous one).  I am thankful for anything and everything that allows a unique person to make progress toward greater wellness.

Although you may already be a savvy practitioner, I am certain you will learn something new that you can apply right away in your practice. Here are some of the things we’ll be discussing:
  • Why I am grateful for specific, powerful pharmaceutical drugs
  • The healing power of fast food menu choices (yes!)
  • How a microwave oven can be a wellness breakthrough (huh?)
  • Why saying No! to a gym membership may be the most healing choice
  • Could television ads be the opportunity at last for your client to commit to healthier lifestyle choices (what?)
  • The soda I celebrate (are you surprised? it gets even better!)
  • and much more…

Thank you very much for joining in the fun and learning!

With warmth, love, and gratitude to you for sharing your gifts with so many –






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69 Questions for “What am I Grateful for? You’ll be Surprised!”

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  1. 60
    Marlene Rosana says:

    I am grateful for this knowledge that is being shared

  2. 59
    Linda Kiehnau says:

    I’m grateful for all the tips on how to meet people where they are at, how to be non-judgemental and instead congratulate them for all efforts.

  3. 58
    Linda Puder says:

    Loved the creative on purpose intention of a
    customized journey…meeting clients
    where they are to building a sustainable
    relationship of respect and compassion to have
    sustainable growth for THEM
    Thank you

  4. 57
    Rich Sewersky says:

    I really enjoyed the emphasis on honoring people where THEY are in THEIR journey to health. I know my wife and I have come a long way but still stumble and struggle to stay under control. We forget that that journey was years in process and many baby steps (not all in the right direction). As much as I want to move forward quickly with my clients, I must concentrate on small successes. Unfortunately working the Bredesen Protocol, clients don’t always have the luxury of time !

  5. 56
    Lisa Black says:

    I love meeting my clients where they are. I believe that is what sets them up for success. When I first became a HC I did not meet them where they were, I failed them.. Thankfully I know better now. I love SAFM 🙂

  6. 55
    Lisa Black says:

    Wow, Thank you so much Tracy for always keeping it real!! I love meeting my clients where they are. I believe that is what sets them up for success. When I first became a HC I did not meet them where they were, I failed them.. Thankfully I know better now. I love SAFM 🙂

  7. 54
    Brenda Pittman says:

    Loved “meeting your client where they are at!” So true that small changes can really add up!

  8. 53
    Shelly Flachs says:

    Tracy, I am so grateful for the opportunity to learn from you, as well as the combine knowledge of group as a whole and the passion that is brought to this platform is contagious, so thank you. My favorite take away is what I already practice, as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and that is meeting people where they are. I think this is huge, not only in the world I practice in, but how important it is to consider in other practices as well. It gives us the opportunity to allow the growth, and walk along this journey and it gives the client empowerment and that autonomy to invest in their health, and I think that is where change comes from. If we “Tell” others what to do we are going to lose them, but if we accept them where they are, and gently make little changes one at a time, and allowing the client to determine how fast or slow they want to go. I think this is so important to engaging a client to make positive changes for life. However, I am so taken back by the wealth of knowledge
    that you posses and I like a sponge trying to soak it up!!

  9. 52
    Brenda Pittman says:

    Love the idea of meeting your clients where they are at!

  10. 51
    Susan Miller says:

    I am great full for amazing practitioners such as yourself that go the extra mile to share your insites with others. I am also great full that I can. Use these tips to clients! The consent of meeting them where they are is one of the greatest ” pearls” that I use and clients to begin there journey in a place of comfort/ safety. Thank you again for all you do!

  11. 50
    Amanda Levy says:

    I just love tuning into your Facebook lives you always give a
    Such valuable info and tips! Something that I took away from today’s
    Video was the fact that you have to meet where you’re clients are at!!
    I think we need to hear this more often as a practioner. It’s all about baby steps!!
    Which leads to long lasting sustainable habits 🙂
    Thanks so much Tracey for sharing all of your amazing
    Goodies and information, it’s definetely appreciated.

  12. 49
    Donna Ake says:

    I loved this FB live! It was a perfect rewind and remind for me. So. Spot. On. Thank you, with gratitude!

  13. 48
    Linda Mansfield says:

    Thanks, Tracy for an insightful session – I loved the idea of baby steps and helping people make small changes. I can’t wait to try some of them – especially the ztevia soda for soda drinkers and the movement during the television commercials. As a new practitioner, I think these ideas will help my clients learn to be successful in their own health journey in our world of overmarketed processed and fast foods and pharmaceutical drug overload….

  14. 47
    Vanessa Buckley says:

    Thank you so much Tracy! I loved this Facebook live – such fun – and your points are so true! I loved “meet people where they are at, with support and compassion. Don’t judge – celebrate that they are trying” ! This is a great reminder – it can be tempting to try to push people because you ‘know’ what is best! Making small, lasting changes could be more beneficial for some clients – slow and steady wins the race!

  15. 46
    Esther Thomas says:

    This is my first time listening to your webinar and I have really learned a lot. I love okra just like you but never knew how beneficial to women. I will surely use this information to help my patients who are in the menopause that come to my clinic. I am very grateful for you sharing your knowledge with us. Exceptional educating us clinicians about alternative way of treatment instead of routine medicine.
    I also appreciate educating us about being patient with out patients especially when we learn something new and it is so exciting. I look forward to your next webinar.
    Thank you..

  16. 45
    stefanie Aring says:

    What inspired me the most from this video was remembering to meet patients where they are and praise them for the changes they make to empower them to keep going. I often do try and cheer for my patients whenever they make small changes, but do not always think to ask about their changes. I also do not always think to ask my patients what their goals are which, when asked, empowers patients to feel like they are a part of their medical choices and gets them to start making the changes they know they should be making to get healthier. Thanks again for another awesome video and reminder on how to help empower our patients! I cannot wait to start the semester in January!!!

  17. 44
    Alejandra Rodriguez says:

    I’m grateful for all the information we can get to help people navigate into the wellness and nutrition world. Grateful for the talk today because we need to know that all the steps we do or our clients do are big and are part of the big picture. Thank you Tracy!

  18. 43
    stefanie Aring says:

    I think what inspired me the most about this talk was the idea of meeting patients where they are, which I often forget about, and the idea that we need to empower patients with each little change they make to help them keep making changes. I will do that when I know about their changes, but I do not always think to ask them. I also do not always think to ask patients “what do you think you can do?” Or “what is your goals for YOUR health?” I think asking people about their goals helps empower them to be a part of their medical plans which makes them much more likely to actually implement the changes they already know they should be making. Thanks again for another helpful video and I cannot wait to start next semester!!!! 🙂

  19. 42
    Edelina Panych says:

    Thank you Tracy for such a great information provided today.
    Some of those things that you are greatful for were a little surprise to me, but once you explained, it made sense. And, thank you for reminding to meet our clients where they are and some of our clients need to make small changes at a time. I started with small changes three years ago, and I still continue to make changes and improvements. I heard about squatty potty last year and I actually use my bathroom garbage cans as squatty potty. Mine are rectangular shape and pretty stable. I do see/feel the difference when I use my “squatty potty”.

  20. 41
    Sandy Anderson says:

    Thank you for another awesome Facebook Live Tracy! I’m new to your program and thoroughly enjoying and savoring every little bit of learning…every precious pearl! My favorite takeaway today is your “baby step” suggestions for clients, like movement during commercials, the squatty potty 🙂 and choosing the healthiest options even at a fast food place. My 20 year old daughter was listening in and the timing was perfect because she’s striving to eat more healthfully while staying away from grains and dairy and it’s tough when she goes out with friends. Your encouragement to not look at things as black or white was helpful. Rather than throw all caution to the wind there are viable options even in the least likely places. Thank you for that reminder and all the wonderful resources and learning!

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