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What am I Grateful for? You’ll be Surprised!


I am so excited to share this Facebook Live and THESE POWERFUL PEARLS of functional medicine with you.  At SAFM we teach our students to be both confident and highly skilled at “puzzle piecing” and finding the interconnectedness between pieces of each patient’s unique case.

With the Thanksgiving holiday just past here in the US, it’s a perfect opportunity to learn about some new tools to be grateful for – and celebrate – in supporting your patients and clients. Not the obvious ones, but the surprising ones, the shocking ones. They are a good reminder for all of us to keep a broad perspective and make use of a diverse toolbox (vs. a limited, overzealous one).  I am thankful for anything and everything that allows a unique person to make progress toward greater wellness.

Although you may already be a savvy practitioner, I am certain you will learn something new that you can apply right away in your practice. Here are some of the things we’ll be discussing:
  • Why I am grateful for specific, powerful pharmaceutical drugs
  • The healing power of fast food menu choices (yes!)
  • How a microwave oven can be a wellness breakthrough (huh?)
  • Why saying No! to a gym membership may be the most healing choice
  • Could television ads be the opportunity at last for your client to commit to healthier lifestyle choices (what?)
  • The soda I celebrate (are you surprised? it gets even better!)
  • and much more…

Thank you very much for joining in the fun and learning!

With warmth, love, and gratitude to you for sharing your gifts with so many –






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69 Questions for “What am I Grateful for? You’ll be Surprised!”

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  1. 69
    Elizabeth Cameron says:

    I’m grateful for your mention if the squatty potty, such a useful tool that I have been overlooking! Thanks

  2. 68
    Leslie Flanigan Flanigan says:

    I’m grateful I’ve found this program! I’m a home health nurse and subsequently work with some of the sickest patients. I’ve learned what it means to “meet people where they’re at” as I work with a lot of Medicaid patients who have very little spare money. I can’t expect them to invest in “super foods” but can educate them that, for example, cabbage, which costs $0.59 a pound, is a wonderful “super food”, has cancer preventing properties, and lots of fiber, and then discuss healthy, yummy ways to fix it (which may include a small amount of bacon for flavoring).
    I’m also grateful for water filters at grocery stores. When I tell my patients they can get that water for just $0.39 a gallon and only need to add a small amount of liquid minerals back to which adds only a couple of cents to the cost, they’re thrilled because it’s cheaper than buying a 24 pack pre-bottled water which I explain to them is full of formaldehyde. The grocery story dispensed water still goes into a plastic jug but as least it doesn’t sit in the jug for very long. Most of my patients can’t afford a $250 Berkey filter.

  3. 67
    Della says:

    I am grateful for all of the ways that Tracy has reminded us of the importance of meeting the client where they’re at. It is a great reminder to try to stay client-cantered and to focus on the client’s unique circumstances and goals.

  4. 66

    I am grateful for the role of internet in healthcare, I can connect with people and they can become more informed about their health and sometime even teach me a thing or two.

  5. 65
    Anindita Guha Maulik Rungta says:

    I can’t wait to begin my Core 101 semester in January! I am really grateful to have found the FMCA course which has led me to here and now the SAFM course when I needed to add on the next layer to my coaching practice…

  6. 64
    Nour Maher El Nahlawy says:

    Hi! Thank you Tracy for a great talk (as usual)..I liked the idea of being flexible with our clients and meeting them where they’re at. We need to be reminded of that more often.

  7. 63
    Julie says:

    Grateful for all your wisdom that you share so freely.

  8. 62
    Kristen Bauer says:

    Thank you for another FB live. Great reminders about baby steps, brain breaks like dance parties and understanding what drives our clients.

  9. 61
    Jodi Coburn says:

    I love reframing this from your clients perspective and being grateful for the small steps our clients make, it is so easy to lose sight of where we once were before we knew better!!! We do get caught up in the details- just eat real food…is something my clients hear me say over and over…even if it is a fast food salad:)

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