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Headache and Migraine

By far, the most common client complaint beyond “low energy” is some type of headache.  These symptoms can vary from an occasional, annoying mild pain to a completely debilitating, multi-day migraine that leaves your client devastated.  Aggressively addressing headache is one of the top 3 focus areas I use with new clients in order to get them on track to being wildly satisfied.  In this course, we will examine all types of headache and dive deep into their true root causes and what types of solutions can provide lasting relief.  As is often the case with issues in the head, the root causes are usually found elsewhere within the body.  Join us to learn more about the most common triggers and solutions, including nutrient deficiencies, stimulation and neurotransmitters, poor cellular metabolism, hormonal imbalance, histamine/tyramine intolerance, food sensitivities, medication concerns, and natural remedies.  Get confident working with the complex, multi-system dynamics that can create (or alleviate!) headache in your clients.

Course includes: Two 2+ hour webinars, client handouts and diagrams you may download for your own use, participant Q&A boards to learn more “nitty gritty” detail, and the opportunity to raise any questions you have in this area directly with the SAFM Team. Become an expert for your clients!  Join us and review the recordings as often as you wish.

Course duration: 6 weeks (with continued access any time you are experiencing another SAFM program).

Price: $297.00

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