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Reversing Metabolic Dysfunction

The epidemic of type 2 Diabetes persists!  But beyond this formal diagnosis, the pattern of metabolic dysfunction at play behind it is much more common, begins earlier, and is more insidious that you might realize.  Join us to learn about common, true root causes of the insulin resistance behind most of these diagnoses (that go way beyond food!) and how it can be assessed and reversed early on, way in advance of the oxidative damage that a T2D diagnosis implies.

As usual, this dis-ease also can begin in the gut, and we’ll cover a surprising role of the microbiome.  Learn why conventional medical treatment and most nutrition guidelines and treatment with insulin are making the patient’s health prognosis worse, not better.  We’ll cover the most common downstream dysfunction and additional disease that type 2 diabetes promotes and how it can be reversed.  Plus supplement recommendations and cautions, key labwork pearls, medication-driven nutrient depletion, the myths and truths of fasting and ketosis, and bio-individuality considerations.  Don’t just help your clients and patients to manage this dis-ease. Help them to reverse it and reclaim their lives!

Course includes: Three 2+ hour webinars, client handouts and diagrams you may download for your own use, participant Q&A boards to learn more “nitty gritty” detail, and the opportunity to raise any questions you have in this area directly with the SAFM Team. Become an expert for your clients!  Join us and review the recordings as often as you wish.

Course duration: 6 weeks (with continued access any time you are experiencing another SAFM program).

Price: $297.00

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