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Our equation for a
profitable practice you
is straightforward.

practical functional medicine plus confident coaching equals a successful practice

Research You Rely On

You’re a high-achieving learner who constantly seeks more information.

How do you know if the clinical research you’ve googled is trustworthy? (Yep, everybody does it.) Maybe the functional medicine classes you’ve taken feel frustratingly academic? Although you feel energized by new information you sometimes feel a bit clueless about how to effectively implement what you’ve learned. (It’s ok; we’ve been there too.)

At SAFM, we do so much research (we love it!) and then distill actionable information into rich yet easy-to-absorb classes. You experience hands-on practice and skyrocketing confidence. And our kick-ass community has your back. Always.

Resources You'll Actually Use

Let’s face it: you want to catapult your practice. You desire a crazy-smart community who engages you where you are and believes in the greatness buried inside you. Our courses are jam-packed with juicy, cutting edge information - and people just like you!

The School of Applied Functional Medicine (SAFM) will challenge you unlike any other program you’ve participated in so far. We don’t believe in fluff.

You’ll be stretched in ways that may stir things up inside you. But you’ll get tremendous encouragement and love. Because we want you to reach your full potential…not some easy, unfulfilling halfway-there. We believe in you. And together, we are transforming healthcare.

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Our semester-long online programs are designed to meet each practitioner where they are.

We teach functional medicine know-how that you can readily integrate into your current practice modality.

8 O Oxygen

Our uniquely-designed approach will inspire and satisfy those with medical degrees as well as those with minimal science background. Our most successful students may be an Ivy-League educated nurse practitioner or a prior stay-at-home-mom turned dynamo health coach.

If you have commitment along with passion, you are in the right place: any type of licensed or certified practitioner can benefit from our programs. Our students come from diverse backgrounds and training, such as:

  • Nurses
  • Health Coaches
  • Physicians
  • Nutritionists
  • Nurse Practitioners
  • Therapists
  • Bodywork specialists, Midwives, Pharmacists,
    Yoga instructors, and many more

We know you've likely participated in other functional medicine programs before.

Most of our students have.
They come to us looking for more.

We want and attract students who are deeply passionate about making a difference.

Students who are angry at the current state of medical care.

Students who know there is a better way and want to be on the front line of transforming our definition of health.

We get it.

We want your patients to achieve extraordinary results. That’s why we provide you with so much practical, useful, deep dive content that it’ll – frankly – amaze you. Plus it’s content you can poach and use with your own patients. What? Yes, you read that right. Why waste time writing your own material? You get gold-standard information perfect for educating and inspiring your patients immediately.

Tracy Harrison, Founder of the School for Applied Functional Medicine

Our founder Tracy Harrison sets the tone for your entire SAFM experience.

She’s a powerhouse of applied functional medicine insight (among many other talents), which she generously and liberally shares with her students. Plus, her energy and lightness makes this challenging experience actually fun. She’s an engaging speaker and inspired teacher.

Our students learn to confidently use practical, functional medicine concepts to help people find true relief and root-cause healing from many chronic disease dynamics.

SAFM offers a convenient and practical clinical educationanchored in functional medicine.Our courses are time-tested, proven effective, and easy to understand.

Are you ready to claim your space and embrace your power to create a ripple effect of change?

But before you go
don't forget to join in the fun!

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