Merely satisfying your patients will not build you a wildly successful practice.

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Practical functional medicine expertise combined with effective coaching can help clients get to the root causes of their dis-ease to find real healing.

If you’re looking for a staid school where you memorize facts and figures and focus on theory, the School of Applied Functional Medicine is not for you. (Don’t worry, there are many good schools out there, and one will be perfect for you.)

We’re looking for students who are deeply passionate about making a difference. Students who know there’s a better way and want to be on the front lines of transforming health care. We attract and work with professionals who are compelled from deep within to go beyond the minimum. They feel drawn to a life of “more.”

The School of Applied Functional Medicine (SAFM) began humbly in 2009 because Tracy felt restless to make a substantial difference. She taught those first classes right in her own kitchen! In 2011, SAFM was transformed into an online school. Since then, the school has evolved into a distinguished online academy. The thing that energizes Tracy the most is teaching and mentoring practitioners to stretch toward their full potential while catapulting their practices. (Just like she experienced in her own practice – and still enjoys today!)

We teach our students about the interconnectedness within a client’s:

We use functional medicine maps to help you to organize your assessments. We bust common medical myths and misunderstandings. And do it in a way that keeps you captivated, engaged, and chomping at the bit to effectively implement.

You, too, can have a wait list full of qualified referrals—

sent via your wildly satisfied patients.

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SAFM offers a convenient, practical and online clinical education anchored in functional medicine. We teach time-tested and proven-effective client support remedies and tools. Our family of practitioners doesn’t only address debilitating symptoms but delves deeply to get at the root cause of dis-ease in each unique person.

The uniquely-designed SAFM approach combines functional medicine knowledge and the power of coaching, which can be implemented from any practitioner role. Together, we believe these are the tools for a new standard in medicine...a key foundation of the Good Medicine Movement.

Our dynamic and diverse classes include a rich variety of students — from nurses to health coaches, nutritionists to physicians and solo entrepreneurs to those who want to work within a functional medicine team. SAFM helps any type of licensed or certified practitioners to integrate their existing expertise with practical functional medicine knowledge, giving them the language and skills to work comfortably and confidently in this flourishing industry.

Students learn accurate and practical clinical pearls of functional medicine science without bogging down in all the complex biochemistry details.

The SAFM education is organized into two levels of semester programs. These feature foundational courses as well as ones you may customize to suit your passion and lots of opportunity to practice your skills with case studies. Plus, underpinning it all, is ongoing access to real-time Q&A support from our staff and your peers. So many online educational programs present quality material and then leave you largely “on your own” to figure it out. Not on our watch!

The SAFM semesters are designed for committed, passionate practitioners who love to learn and are motivated to deliver exponentially better results to their patients. You need no special background or credentials to participate in our programs, but you must have already completed your certification or license within your chosen healthcare modality. Students may also seek the notable Applied Functional Medicine for Coaching (AFMC) certification, further distinguishing them from their peers. (The majority of our students go for this certification because they’re over-achievers!)

You’ll work hard — maybe harder than you’ve worked in a long time. But the inspiration you feel will make you want to keep doing it! At SAFM, you’ll receive encouragement, inspiration, mentorship, and love. Plus, a community of heart-centered people just like you.

The world needs YOU and your unique gifts to help others find and achieve

extraordinary wellness.

about our programs

“I have to tell you that your program is BY FAR the best program I’ve ever taken since graduating from IIN (and I’ve taken A LOT of them).  You’re incredibly generous with all the information you share with us, and your teaching style is wonderfully easy to understand.  I am so excited to have found you. Tracy, you have totally exceeded my expectations.”

Aimee Peterson | Health Coach


Tracy Harrison

Tracy holds a deep belief that the combination of functional medicine and coaching will transform the face of healthcare.

In fact, it’s already happening!

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The first thing you need to know about Tracy Harrison is that she’s passionately driven to improve the health of her clients, her students, her students’ patients, and — ultimately — the world. We won’t know for generations the ripple effect caused by her intense curiosity, as well as the generosity with which she shares what she’s learned.

After investing thousands of hours in advanced education and practical application, Tracy created breakthrough results for her clients — time after time. She provided her clients with education, inspiration, and accountability, all of which are crucial for the sustainable lifestyle change that allows people to get well!

Tracy is quick to tell you that what the School for Applied Functional Medicine (SAFM) teaches is not a “new science.” SAFM stands gratefully on the strong shoulders of courageous pioneers of functional medicine like Dr. Jeffrey Bland, Dr. Sidney Baker, Dr. Linus Pauling, and Dr. Mark Hyman. Functional medicine is a progressive way of approaching medicine using long-standing physiology and biochemistry knowledge, but applied in a customized, targeted way that assumes the body will naturally heal itself and has patient-empowered wellness as the ultimate goal (alas, quite unlike today’s conventional medicine!).

What Tracy learned and implemented from studying functional medicine allowed her clients to get to the root causes of their dis-ease and find real healing (not just mild relief). And some serious enthusiasm.

Tracy is the founder of Eat on Purpose Health Coaching (her own private practice – which still has a perpetual waiting list!), The School of Applied Functional Medicine, and the Good Medicine Movement.

Tracy has the mission to empower inspired health practitioners with cutting-edge competence in functional medicine know-how and the confidence to use it boldly, bringing abundance to both patients and practitioners.

The powerful combination of functional medicine and coaching for the solo practitioner or an integrated medical team is in high demand and is transforming healthcare, one wildly satisfied patient at a time.

When not out to change the world, Tracy enjoys following her passions, which include problem-solving, systems dynamics, public speaking, and inspiring people to reach for the powerful potential she sees in them. She lives with her sweetheart and beloved family of rescued puppies in the beautiful mountains near Asheville, North Carolina. Tracy loves evening fires, hiking, gourmet meals, and singing.

A bird’s eye view into Tracy’s evolution:


Strong foundation — Skill-building

Born and raised in a small town in Georgia to a restaurant/catering family where she learns to love whole food while cooking in a family business (making chicken salad for 400, anyone? Is this a skill?)

Deeply passionate about “how things work” and figuring out complex puzzles

Three degrees from MIT


The Big Leap: following her passions

Leaves her 17-year long corporate career at its apex, to follow her passion

Attends Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN)

Launches "Eat on Purpose" Health Coaching


Unquenchable thirst for knowledge

Discovers that she knew how to coach her patients to reach moderate results but didn’t feel expert about what to focus on clinically to help her clients achieve breakthrough results

New blessings unfold with personal mentoring by functional medicine pioneer Dr. Mark Hyman

Devours all coursework from Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM)

Thousands of hours of research and advanced coursework in functional medicine


Rockin’ a new recipe for success

Quickly begins to wildly (vs. mildly) satisfy her clients, even those with chronic inflammatory dis-ease find lasting relief with Tracy's support in getting to the root cause of their challenges

Word-of-mouth referrals start pouring in, filling Tracy's practice (resulting in a perpetual wait list) so she hires other practitioners to work on her team, thus serving many more clients

More and more healthcare colleagues want to learn about the "secret sauce" so she teaches her first students right in her home kitchen


Sharing the wealth

Launches the first version of The School of Applied Functional Medicine online, to teach others how to create extraordinary results

Healthcare practitioners from many modalities start thriving in this empowered community

Over time, adds dozens of detailed courses to the school curriculum, directly in response to student feedback


Wired to create massive change!

Introduces The Applied Functional Medicine for Coaching (AFMC) certification, a rigorous knowledge credential

Launches the Good Medicine Movement to showcase, celebrate, and expand this powerful healthcare model