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Hormones Demystified

Hormones: chemical compounds present so sparsely in the blood that their concentration is usually measured on the level of a few parts per trillion. Yet they are tremendously powerful in coordinating the actions of our organs and glands – and affecting our quality of life! Steroid hormones in the body can act in a symphony of harmony or discord, and specific lifestyle choices play a huge role in this outcome. In this course, we will demystify the major steroid hormones (e.g. estrogen, progesterone, testosterone) and their influence on the body. Join us as we dive into the rich detail of hormone imbalance, including premenstrual syndrome, pregnancy/infertility, menopause, male hormone imbalance/challenges, PCOS, and estrogen dominance.  You will learn how to educate, inspire, and empower your clients with confidence to avoid or address these debilitating dynamics.

Course includes: Four 2+ hour webinars, client handouts and diagrams you may download for your own use and participant Q&A boards to learn more “nitty gritty” detail. Become an expert for your clients!  Join us and review the recordings as often as you wish.

Course duration: 6 weeks (with continued access any time you are experiencing another SAFM program).

Price: $297.00

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