SAFM online programs are designed to knock-your-socks off

with clinical depth and implementation skills supported by an engaging, loving community.

Our intense courses can accommodate your busy lifestyle without sacrificing powerful personalized attention.

6 C Carbon

Courses are available online in a variety of formats for self-paced learning. Online Q&A access is available 24/7, so you’re always going to get the support you need (even if you need to ask questions at 3 a.m.). Studying actual client case studies helps learning sink into your bones, so it becomes part of your practitioner DNA.

Live open coaching calls provide an opportunity for direct learning not only from Tracy, but also from your classmates’ actual patient cases. SAFM provides ready-made, shareable client handouts. Plus, our training materials can be repurposed to further support your clients’ learning.

Core 101


The Core 101 Semester is our signature program of study. It’s a springboard for our students to achieve dramatically better patient outcomes, which can then build their practices holistically, resulting in voluminous referrals. (How does having a perpetual wait list for your services sound to you?)

Each semester features three foundational courses in the etiology of dis-ease in the body, nutrients/supplements, and lab work, as well as clinical courses of your choosing, thus allowing you to focus your studies in areas aligned with your interests.

Each semester includes open-coaching calls and the opportunity to practice your skills using real client case studies. You’ll have ongoing access to the Clinical Q&A Treasure Chest, which includes hundreds of topics (symptoms, remedies, physiology, lab work, client case studies) and real-time support in our practitioner Forum as well as peer-aligned group meeting opportunities. The Core 101 Semester can also start a student’s journey to earning an optional, highly respected certification in Applied Functional Medicine for Coaching (AFMC).

There are two levels of this semester program (Note: you gain access for nearly 12 months to experience all of the learning at your own pace); completion of the two is required as part of the AFMC certification requirements.

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Other Program Offerings

Deep Dive Courses

Deep Dive

clinical courses

The school offers individual, deep-dive clinical courses into specific types of dis-ease in the body (e.g., reversing metabolic dysfunction, anxiety and depression, cardiovascular disease myths and truths).

Each course includes detailed instruction and myth-busting about physiology, nutrients, dysfunction, conventional treatment, remedies, contributing factors, and exacerbating issues along with practical tips. Every Semester includes three of these courses. When taken individually, outside of the Semester context, each course lasts six weeks. These single courses are a good choice for practitioners already confident and expert in working with functional medicine principles in a progressive practice who want to expand their knowledge in a very specific arena.

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Basic Access



The Practitioner Incubator membership gives Semester Students (only) access to our Clinical Q&A Treasure Chest, LIVE Peer Mentoring Open Coaching Calls, and our online practitioner community (The SAFM Practitioner Forum). This is additional support beyond your Semester access period.

We know it takes time, focus, and support to build your functional medicine expertise over time. Our Practitioner Incubator is a safe, warm, nurturing environment for you to practice and hone your skills in between Semesters and then on an ongoing basis as you build and savor your practice.

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Beyond Core 101

Advanced 202 Semester

Advanced 202


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