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Gallbladder Rescue and Standing Out

This is a powerful option to have in your functional medicine toolbox.

Bottom line:  D-limonene has been shown in clinical study to be effective in reducing (67%)  and even fully dissolving gallstones (~50% of study participants – wow!).  You may learn more about d-limonene here, including safety studies and its use in alleviating chronic acid reflux as well.

Absolutely we need to help our clients to make lifestyle changes that will prevent recurrence of gallstones or future sluggish flow in the bile system.  But we have to meet them where they are and help them to alleviate existing blockages and dis-ease in the body as a first priority!

Please use extreme caution in recommending high olive oil intake to anyone who has existing gallstones or persistent pain in the area of their gallbladder.  Yes, high intake of olive oil can help to prevent bile congestion or gallstones by promoting more frequent and stronger contractions of the gallbladder.  If there’s an existing blockage, however, promoting more contraction can cause significantly more pain and may make the blockage worse.  Educate your clients about this too.  Sometimes googling for solutions can lead us astray.

I also want to invite you to consider using simple, empowering, impressive clinical study results as part of your marketing to prospective clients.  Use your functional medicine know-how and expertise to set yourself apart from other practitioners.  Regular blogs or e-zines or newsletters are hands-down one of the most powerful ways to stay in touch with your fans and cultivate new clients over time.  But what you share has got to be Compelling and Helpful and Different.

Sharing the same old “drink more water” or “hey, it’s spring – eat more greens” guidance is a real yawner in marketing – and something people read over and over and over again on myriad health sites these days.  You’re better than that!  You’re more clinically savvy than that.  Use your functional medicine know-how strategically to make your e-zine audience stop and take notice.  Here’s an example of what I published to my own audience on this topic.  I received several inquiries and three new client consultations from just this one article. My weekly e-zines to subscribers feature one, crisp, compelling article that gives high-value recommendations.  Just one.  Don’t overwhelm your audience.  Surprise them with your know-how.

I hope this is of service to you and your patients and clients!


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8 Questions for “Gallbladder Rescue and Standing Out”

  1. 3
    Lanie Despreaux says:

    Have you had experience with a patient with a low gallbladder ejection fraction
    With no stones, sludge or blockages?
    Can anything be done to help fix ejection fraction?
    Thank you!

    • 3.1
      SAFM Team says:

      Yes, we’ve seen this before and what you want to look at is possibly an issue with the neural transmission/localized neuropathy; possibly low thyroid function; hepatic or biliary congestion that is evidenced by high alkaline phosphatase and/or bilirubin. Also, keep in mind that bile congestion typically happens way before the stones get formed. A good solution for this type of dynamic would be a daily dose of 1000 mg of limonene and possibly also an artichoke extract and concentrated polyphenols such as those in EVOO – all of this can support better GB emptying. Disease Begins in the Gut 101 p3 speaks to foundational knowledge of GB function and health.

  2. 2
    Lisa Jones Clark says:

    In looking at different brands of D-limonene, I’ve noticed quite a price difference between two brands: Jarrow and Integrative therapeutics. Both sell 1000mg. soft gels. But Jarrow’s price is around $12 for 60 qty. and Integrative Therapeutics is around $28 for only 10 capsules. Do you have experience with either of these brands and have any insight as to why the price difference?

    • 2.1
      SAFM Team says:

      You will actually find similar, quite dramatic differences in supplement prices across many different brands and formulas. In some cases, this is about ingredient quality or manufacturing process (e.g. tablet vs. capsule), while in other cases it’s all about profit expectations. In other cases however, like this one, it’s about serving size. Jarrow 1000mg requires 2 softgels, while I.T. requires only one. I have used both brands successfully. The I.T. formula contains only the small amount of capsules they typically advise/find necessary when using d-limonene specifically to counter acid reflux. However longer regimens may be necessary when addressing hepatobiliary congestion.

  3. 1
    Molly Jean-Mary says:

    Hello-just wondering if there is any reason to discourage d-limonene while breastfeeding. My nephew was born 2 weeks ago (!) and my sister-in-law is supposed to have her gall bladder out in a couple of weeks. She is a radiologist, and I am believing I might be able to dissuade her from pursuing this, at least imminently, thanks to your powerful insights. She is also a breast cancer survivor, in remission x 6 years.

    • 1.1
      SAFM Team says:

      Even though d-limonene is a natural food extract and GRAS, there is no safety data regarding the higher therapeutic doses used in supplements during pregnancy or breastfeeding. I do not know of any overt concerns or risks, but the truth is that there is no test data either way of which I am aware. The timing re:breastfeeding is really unfortunate! I have indeed seen a combination of d-limonene and other gallbladder tonic herbs (e.g. Dr. Schulze’s L-GB formula) – started quickly and intensely – stop GB disease in its tracks and eliminate the need for surgery. Certainly using organic lemon and/or orange zest (e.g. in smoothies) is at least a step in the right direction. Maximizing artichokes in the diet (leaf and heart) as well as fresh lemon juice and fresh ginger will also be helpful.

      • Sharon Buechner says:

        Besides recommending d-limonene, you mentioned also recommending Dr. Schulze’s L-GB formula. I found the L-GB formula on Dr. Schulze’s website and they are saying to put 60 drops in 2 ounces of water 2 to 4 times daily. Is that what you recommend?
        Do you recommend doing both d-limonene and Dr. Schulze’s L-GB formula at the same time?

        • SAFM Team says:

          Yes, Dr. Schulze’s L-GB formula is also a very good multifactorial, broad-spectrum blend of liver and GB supportive substances. I would use it according to their recommendation, and as with any new supplement I recommend starting at a half or quarter dose to avoid surprise, unpleasant negative reactions. This formula does not contain D-limonene so it could be used in combination, when an overt liver, bile congestion, and gallstones are at play or on its own if the condition is milder or a client has an adverse reaction to D-limonene.

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