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Keeping it Simple – The Therapeutic Power of Food: For Practitioners


Although you may already be a savvy practitioner, I am certain you will learn something new in this video about Keeping it Simple- The Therapeutic Power of Food: For Practitioners. You’ll walk away with pages of notes and practical pearls you can use in your practice right away.

Here are some of the things we’ll be discussing:

  • The biggest, polarized nutrition myths which are alive and well in the practice of functional medicine.
  • The X-Factor of Food – and why it goes way beyond nutrients and calories.
  • Cravings are often the body’s cry for a specific nutrient. Some of the more common ones are probably not what you think!
  • You are what you eat”?  Nope, not quite. In truth, you are what you eat, ______, _____, _____ and ______. Can you fill in the blanks?
  • YES! Some chronic disease dynamics can be reversed with diet alone;  would you know what to do?
  • The dietary 1-2-3 punch that often helps with autoimmune diseases.  And a key misunderstanding you might have about them?
  • The simplest digestive enhancers ever
  • Our microbiome shifts in response to diet: quick hacks for a better bacterial playground.
  • The biggest practitioner mistake in translating great dietary ideas to clinical success with their patients

* We normally offer a variety of course formats to support diverse learning styles. You can find this Transcript here.

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137 Questions for “Keeping it Simple – The Therapeutic Power of Food: For Practitioners”

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  1. 136
    Natalia says:

    Hi! I never got an answer, who are that winners for this presentation. Thank you!

  2. 135
    Angela Glad says:

    Thank you Tracy for all of your
    wonderful information. I love your
    clinical tips of not only a person’s
    relationship with food, but how
    important it is to keep their rituals
    are. Simple and slow changes are
    lasting changes.

  3. 134
    Nicole Kordella says:

    Tracy good evening from Greece,

    I always look forward to your videos even though due to the difference of hour (I am in Greece) I cannot make it while it is live. I wish I could be in USA to complete SAFM courses and get the diploma! It is really amazing how passionate and full of knowledge your presentations are! You can motivate and inspire people! Thank you for the energy you share with us and the valuable information.
    The way you analyzed the need of sweet food to fill the gap of love and joy, which we may know but the way you described it is unique
    I have really liked a lot the fact that people who wish to consume chocolate need calcium! Amazing!
    Thank you very much for what you are offering us. Best regards Nicole

  4. 133
    Noor Brifkani says:

    Thank you so much for the informative session!! I absolutely agree with meeting ppl where they are otherwise we’re setting the session up for failure!

  5. 132
    Aviva Janofsky says:

    It was awesome listening to my kids, 9 and 11 years old engaged in a conversation about food when they heard about Fred and Bob. Our family often gets trapped with tasty food combinations. Hopefully we’ll make some positive changes.

  6. 131
    Reema Rid says:

    I currently worked in Integrative Medicine, it is interesting how much food can help cure people of their elements. processed food has destroyed the health of her generation. I really love this lecture.

  7. 130
    Rizzy Hawk says:

    I knew food has Changed in taste over the course of my life. I cannot believes that it is not same Nutrition base as it was 30 years ago. I think this has lots to do with deficiencies, and the development of chronic illnesses. or food is deficient in trace minerals and vitamins.

  8. 129
    Neeta Jhaveri says:

    Just so amazing! I learn so much everytime I hear our charged up Tracy. The simple examples to prove that if you don’t fill your tank correctly the car won’t run well. So educative and so empowering. The SAFM Coarse motivates and inspires that is why I managed to clear both Levels in the span of less than a year because once you start you just cannot stop. Thank You Tracy and SAFM Team!

  9. 128

    I had a client with major digestive problems who was a vegan and would not entertain even including a fish oil supplement into her regime. How would you suggest that you approach the fact that someone may ethically want to be a vegan but it may not be the best for their individual body?

  10. 127
    Nour El Nahlawy says:

    Hi Tracy!

    Thank you for always returning to the basics. As usual, I always learn something new when I listen to your videos. oday, when we normalize sodium, we increase calcium absorprion by changing the regulation by PTH. And that’s one of the reasons we crave salts! What a fascinating piece of interconnectidness.

  11. 126
    Martina Harms says:

    Food is so powerful! Another great presentation, Tracy. I really liked the analogy to the hormetic effect of exercise – applying just enough stress to the body, getting phytonutrients in the body, small amounts of pro-oxidant stress to become more resilient. Healthy challenges are health promoting through hormetic effects.

  12. 125
    Amanda Thornton says:

    Hi Tracey – love how you connected the way we shovel food to how it makes us feel! We can probably all relate and yet so easy to fix with family dinners!
    The ritual around trying to quit for example coka cola addiction is extremely helpful
    Thanks for your valuable information

  13. 124
    Villy says:

    Such a great live, thank you! Honestly, I am finding that people don’t understand, like truly understand that we get our nutrients from food! And how low nutrients affect everything!! It’s something that requires a ton of education and emphasis.

  14. 123
    Lisa Zielbauer says:

    My favorite thing Tracy said today was how people use food as a lover to fill a hole in their life. Whether that’s lack of hugs or friends or adventure or joy, this is so true! I know I’ve done it and I bet a majority of people have as well at some point in their lives. Great perspective to bring to light, thanks!

  15. 122
    Jodi Roberts says:

    I was humbled by the simple reminder to slow down and practice mindful eating and self compassion. Be Kind to Your Digestive System. I also have a little tune going in my head. “Slow Down, You Move Too Fast, Gotta make the Morning Last….. Feelin Groovy” ~ Harpers Bizarre, Feeling Groovy Song !

  16. 121
    Brenda Lee says:

    The pearls in this webinar was so helpful because it’s so hard to advise people that the ways to a healthy lifestyle starts with and definitely includes nutritious foods.

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