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Myths and Truths about Plaque

Good day to you!

In this week’s clinical tip, you will find some juicy facts and fiction that surround the notion of Plaque and a new perspective on why it occurs (biofilm?).  I bet you’re surprised with some of the pearls in this one!
Here are some links to a few of the concepts I cover:
Whether it’s in our mouths, brains, blood vessels, or elsewhere, plaque is an important, natural response of the body.  Can you explain this key concept to your patients and clients in a way that will inspire and empower them?  I hope this week’s video is helpful to you.

This type of fun is one of the best ways I can help you as a practitioner. Even a small shift in perspective can completely change how you approach helping your patients – and give you greater confidence and ease in the process.   Join us for future research myth-busting videos in this series.

 I wish you well in your practice growth!

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