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Poor Gut – Poor Bones

Yes, disease begins in the gut. Again.  I’m sure you’ve heard of LPS and IL-6. But you might be surprised at their direct impact on systemic diseases, including long-term bone health! Check out this clinical tip video for details.

Like the rest of the body, bones go through a life-long cycle of resorption and formation. The body breaks down old bone tissue and builds new. All the time.  

Inflammatory dynamics beginning in the gut negatively affect bone density via a variety of mechanisms. A major one is via the immune system’s overexposure to Lipopolysaccharides (LPS), breakdown products of gram-negative bacteria.

Too much LPS? Enhanced Intestinal Permeability? Poor bile function? Inflammation rises. A surge of specific, inflammatory cytokines (e.g. IL-6) fans the flame of inflammation even further. 

This literature review is filled with studies on the deleterious effects of inflammation on bone density. Both in-vivo and in-vitro studies showing a direct link between increased IL-6 levels and bone loss, osteoporosis risk, and fractures.

This one explores how IL-6 can impair osteogenesis in osteoporotic mice.

As always, the functional medicine lens compels us to remember that everything in the body is interconnected. Are you thinking about gut dysfunction in your bone health patients? Are you looking at bone health in your gut dysfunction patients? Are you confident in your ability to explore and explain how poor bone health may be connected to LPS, IL-6, and inflammation?

Watch the short tip above for key pearls. If you want to learn much, much more, join us here for our Deep Dive clinical course, Bone Health, Disease and Dysfunction.

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