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The Really Big Thing I was Missing Before the Six-Figure Success

In addition to teaching at SAFM, I have gained a lot of experience being a health coach myself. I have put together this series of videos to help you, coming from the viewpoint of the experience I have gained in my own practice.

I am super passionate about helping practitioners who are up and running and practicing.  BUT who are also exhausted from too many work hours, stressed from the never-ending search to find new patients and clients, perhaps a little fearful, and who doubt their ability to turn their passion for helping people into a viable, highly-profitable, and Enjoyable business.  I made this video five years ago, but the truths I share still resonate loudly with our practitioners.  Perhaps even more so!

Why? Because my deepest belief is that practitioners will completely transform the face of healthcare in our culture. And I have an Intention: 100,000 FM practitioners with completely full practices with waiting lists. But this isn’t a distant dream of some kind!  This transformation is not just a hopeful wish.  It is happening. Now. Yes: all around us.  I see it every day.  And I want to inspire as many motivated practitioners as possible to be a part of this movement – this transformation – as early as possible.  This is going to be a trillion dollar industry that is a major (The Major!) player in healthcare – and in actually revolutionizing the health of people.  Don’t you want to be on the front end of all that momentum and leadership and opportunity and possibility?

The best antidote to fear…fear of taking on more patients or clients, fear of working with complex or very ill clients, fear of making bold recommendations, fear of playing a much bigger game…is Confidence.  And Confidence + Clinical Know-How = Wildly-satisfied Patients and Clients.  I have found that the secret to building a wildly-successful practice (and keeping it full of clients without stressing out about it) is wildly-satisfying each of your clients.  Their enthusiastic referrals will fill your practice.  I’ve enjoyed that blessing for many years.  Literally 95% of my new clients are referrals from prior ones.  And I’ve seen hundreds of practitioners do the same.  Normal everyday people just like you and me.  I want to inspire you to know that you can do the same thing.  “Everything you want is on the other side of fear.” – George Addair

So let’s keep the learning going!  I’m giving you the best of what I’ve learned so far: SAFM Top 30 Clinical Pearls for Practitioners .  Be sure to check out ALL of the Clinical Know-How posts; many of these top Clinical Tips are covered there in more detail or in reference to one of my own personal client’s cases.

P.S. If you know that healthcare must be transformed to be sustainable and effective, and you believe strongly that Functional Medicine is key to making that happen, we urge you to learn about our semester program.

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2 Questions for “The Really Big Thing I was Missing Before the Six-Figure Success”

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    Sharon Buechner says:

    At the end of video #2, you mentioned that below are examples of pearls for:
    1. headaches
    2. constipation
    3. sleep
    I could not find them. Can you point me to where I can find them? Thx

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