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Using Functional Medicine to Overcome Obesity, PCOS, Joint Pain and Sleeplessness

Congratulations to SAFM student and newly AFMC-certified practitioner, Thom!  We are celebrating his success with a client suffering from infertility, PCOS, extreme obesity, joint pain, and debilitating GI symptoms secondary to gastric sleeve surgery.  Another veritable buffet of functional medicine interconnectedness! After excellent support from Thom, this wildly satisfied client lost nearly 150 lbs (and has since kept it off!) and reported

  • Full return of normal menstrual cycles
  • Bloating and stomach pain:  gone
  • Joint pain:  gone
  • Congestion:  gone
  • Pre-diabetes:  gone
  • “I’ve never felt better before in my life!”

This success story is a great example of how our patients don’t just need our help with alternative health options.  They also often need our support in maximizing their positive results from the conventional treatments they have chosen.  Choosing a gastric alteration surgery is often not the “quick fix”  for obesity that patients have been led to believe.  All too often these individuals lack the support they need to address related causes of metabolic dysfunction and to create sustainable lifestyle change.  After a notable, initial weight loss, they return over time to their prior obesity or even a higher weight (on top of the long-term side effects of the surgery!)  This is an example of where and how the combination of Functional Medicine insight plus expert Health Coaching support really shines.

Check out this video for pearls about dis-ease beginning in the gut and also how insulin, body fat, sex hormones, and fertility are tightly connected.   I have written before about the powerful dynamic of insulin resistance as one of the most common true, root causes of dis-ease today.

A wildly satisfied client, indeed!  This is one of a series of videos celebrating the success stories our students shared in their AFMC certification case studies.  If you’re inspired, check out other success stories like Amanda and Diane.   Want to learn what these savvy practitioners know and use with confidence?  We invite you to consider joining us for the next SAFM Core 101 Semester.


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P.S. If you know that healthcare Must be transformed to be sustainable and effective, and you know in your heart that You have a calling to be a part of this movement for Healthcare transformation, we urge you to learn about our semester program.

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    Melisss Homner says:

    Great job, Thom!!!! Thank you for sharing your wisdom, Tracy!

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