Deep Dive

clinical courses

Have you ever felt like you needed
(or simply wanted) more clinical knowledge?

(We know: you’re insatiably curious. We are too.)

You often work with clients who have debilitating challenges. You already have training in functional medicine, but perhaps your confidence in specific clinical situations isn’t as high as you’d like. You are not alone! You’re a confident practitioner, but you’re not satisfied with the status quo: you’re driven to learn more, to serve more completely.

With our individual clinical courses, you select the topics you most want to learn, so you can proactively support your ideal patients. We offer a wide variety of deep-dive online courses, which are available to begin at any time and from anywhere. Every year, we add new courses to our catalog. Each course focuses on an in-depth review of a specific topic. Course materials include easy-to-understand, yet detailed explanations on:

  • The physiology of how our body systems really work
  • Myth-busting surrounding symptoms and dis-ease’s root causes
  • “Typical” conventional or pharmaceutical remedies and associated need-to-know details
  • Which supplements might be helpful by condition
  • What lab work to order, plus why it matters and how to accurately interpret it
  • Additional high-impact resources you may want for further study

Please note that the following classes are exclusively part of our semester programs and are not available separately:

  • Disease 101 and 202
  • Introduction to SAFM Mapping
  • Nutrients/Supplements 101 and 202
  • Labwork 101 and 202
  • Mind-Body Connection and the Placebo Effect
  • Disease Begins in the Gut 101
  • Cellular Metabolism

Your course investment includes:

Two 2-hour webinar trainings

Webinar recordings are included so you can review them as many times as you wish while you remain a SAFM student. Audio versions are available for download too, in addition to webinar transcripts.

Helpful client handouts

To support your patients as they rid themselves of dis-ease. You also get a multitude of additional clinical references so you can geek out on cool – and helpful – information.

On-line, direct access to The SAFM Team

For follow-up questions within your course.

Explore all clinical course options and register for an existing or upcoming course.