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Beth Berry

Program Administrator

Beth is a business support services entrepreneur who is passionate about collaborating with others.  She enjoys combining her successes in the technical, creative and administrative areas building strong business relationships both internally and externally.  Beth manages the administration of our programs. SAFM connects with her values of maintaining health from core of our being outwards.  She enjoys supporting the schools’ brilliant, passionate and caring coaches and practitioners in their missions.  Beth takes every opportunity she can to run and hike through the Hill Country of Austin, Texas.

Jesse Lang

Team Member Experience Coordinator

Jesse loves people and loves working out all of the little details in order to make sure all things are running smoothly for everyone involved. This makes her a perfect fit for our Team Member Experience Coordinator position. She works behind the scenes, making sure that that our team members get set up with as much ease and joy as possible.

She first began learning about Functional Medicine in a previous position and was immediately intrigued by how much she had never heard before regarding the interconnectedness of the body. She is still on her personal health journey and is so appreciative to work with this wonderful team of people who are not only full of wonderful, helpful knowledge but also so much love and kindness. Her goal is to keep them all comfortable and equipped behind the scenes so that they are fully able to deliver their very best for all of our students here at SAFM.

Shane Wetzel

Administrative Support Specialist

I am on a constant transformational journey of growth, for my own personal development, and for those enlightened to take a similar path. Being on the team at SAFM is a perfect match to bring my skills and passion to grow with a like minded community. I have 20 years of management, business ownership and teaching experience that encompasses coast to coast in the US, Japan, and Rome. I live in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia with my wife and two children. My goal at SAFM is to support all the students leveling up their skills which leads to the ultimate goal of healing our society.



Student Experience Coach, Huddle Facilitator

When my son began experiencing health issues that seemed unresolvable, I turned to Functional Medicine. Seemingly miraculously, my son got better. The experience ignited in me a passion to understand how this had been possible and a deep desire to get this information into the hands of others.  I now feel truly blessed to be a Health Coach and to find the SAFM family.  These opportunities are allowing me to play a part in the change I so desperately want to see in the world. I am truly honored to be a part of the SAFM team since this work is something that I believe in with every cell of my being.


Mohita Patel, RN

Forum Mentor Leader, Student Experience Coach

I am truly passionate about helping people be empowered to take their health into their own hands! Having personally navigated my own chronic illness, I’m thankful for the opportunity to now guide others in their own path to better health. Likewise, I’m immensely grateful for the opportunity to be part of the SAFM team and to see people become empowered by their knowledge and learning experience here. Functional Medicine changed my life and I can only hope that I am able to share the wonders of what I was gifted with, an incredible tribe of like-minded practitioners!


Kathy Connell, CHC, AFMC

Student Experience Coach, Huddle Facilitator

As someone enormously blessed by the gifts of information and education that have empowered me to embrace Better health and well being, I am overflowing with gratitude and passion to share the bounty with my fellow human beings. The opportunity to be part of the SAFM team allows me to share the faucet of information and support that was given to me. I have become part of a loving family of brilliant and loving practitioners. Its the gift that keeps on giving! Indeed my cup “runneth over”.

Cheryl Wooster

Student Experience Coach

From working in corporate wellness, to “disease management”, to my own practice, Balanced Bodies, I’ve worn many different hats. Each of them helping to shape who I am and what my practice looks like today.  Since embarking on my journey with SAFM I have not only found the knowledge to truly transform clients lives, but arguably more importantly, I found the community as well.  I feel so humbled and fortunate to be part of the SAFM team, helping students to feel the warmth, support and guidance that was so generously flooded to me.