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Powerful Practitioner Pearls for Bone Health


Although you may already be a savvy practitioner, I am certain you will learn something new in this video about Powerful Practitioner Pearls for Bone Health. You’ll walk away with pages of notes and practical pearls you can use in your practice right away.

Here are some of the things we’ll be discussing:

  • The #1 driver for all chronic dis-ease is also the largest driver for bone loss. Do you know what it is?
  • Calcium, cardiovascular disease, and kidney stones. Devil-in-the-detail you need to know!
  • Too little estrogen? Or too much estrogen? Yes! But do you know what sex hormone balance consideration is most often missed regarding bone health?
  • Bone dis-ease begins in the Gut? Yep, it’s true. Again.
  • “Milk does a body good.” Not so fast, research begs to differ when it comes to bone health.
  • Even More than sex hormones, do you know what other hormones often interfere with great bone health?
  • If there is only one thing you advise your patients about building long-term bone health, it’s this: ________.   And it’s totally Free.

Thank you very much for joining in the fun and learning!

With warmth, love, and gratitude to you for sharing your gifts with so many –

Thank you very much for joining in the fun and learning! Please share your thoughts (please be thorough) in the “Ask a Question” area below about what inspired you in this presentation! Include what type of practitioner you are, so that we can all see your unique perspective.

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155 Questions for “Powerful Practitioner Pearls for Bone Health”

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  1. 154
    Irina stuchinsky says:

    Wow, such an informative webinar! Thank you so much for these amazing pearls. I’ve never heard about bone remodeling. I am grateful for the info and it motivates me to learn more about bones.

  2. 153
    Karen Hall says:

    Thank. You for your Facebook live videos. Very insightful! New term for me…fatty bone.
    Lots of new information on this video

  3. 152
    Cindy says:

    Thanks again for another wonderful FB Live, Tracy! Yes, sympathetic dominant nervous system state is never a healthy state in the long term as you’d rather thrive than survive. I had never linked this to poor bone health as the body prioritises freeing up calcium to survive. That will have to be my biggest pearl of today’s Live. Thanks again!

  4. 151
    Anne Kam says:

    Amazing. Thank you very much for an insightful presentation, there are so much there I feel I would want to watch it again. In Biodynamic therapeutic work, there are different levels we work with but the bones level is the deepest and many would prefer not to go there or it takes a long time. Using a biomechanical approach (which is as valid as other ones and use in different settings, it all depends) can be helpful. Yet a genuine holistic, integrative approach in biophysiology such as the one you are promoting is probably one that many would want to thrive for and achieve in their practices.

  5. 150
    Anna Levin-Shohat says:

    Thank you so much for this presentation, as always a pleasure to hear you speak!! Loads of pearls!! Thank you

  6. 149
    Stefanie Harris says:

    Thank you for another great webinar full of Pearls! One of my biggest take a ways would be understanding that supplements can be as dangerous and damaging as medications if not taken properly. Learning that too much Calcium can increase the risks of cardiovascular disease and electrolyte overload. That if supplementation is needed Calcium doses should be spread out as much as possible and taken with meals. Also doing your due diligence in making sure K2 and magnesium is not lacking so the calcium can be absorbed into the bone tissue and not calcify soft tissue such as the kidney’s, lining of the arteries, and pineal gland which can lead to other issues. So powerful!

  7. 148
    Lori Mouratoff says:

    What great topic. Flexibility is importan, collagen too not just calcium. I have a lot of CKD patients and they have special bone issues. This is full of wonderful insights. Thank you

  8. 147
    Angie Ireland says:

    Oh my. This was a great video. Thank you Tracy. Lots of things to take into consideration. Thanks for all you do and giving out gifts like you do.

  9. 146
    Brenda Lee says:

    It’s so interesting that a lot of dis-eases problems are connected to a low sluggish thyroid but most doctors will not order the entire thyroid panel because insurance companies will not pay for them. When you try to have a conversation with your practitioner they don’t have any idea what you are talking about. But that may change because she said to me, guess what I‘m doing, she said I’m going to study Functional Medicine!! I say great because now you may understand where I’m coming from. I told her that I’m so happy for her.

  10. 145
    Hilary Duvauchelle says:

    Hypochlorhydria is once again connected to the root cause, in the case of bones it’s linked to amino acids and the protein component of bones making bones flexible in their healthy protein content.

  11. 144
    Oriane says:

    Incredible new knowledge that inflammatory and anti inflammatory cytokines are part of the bone health!!! Brilliant!!

  12. 143
    Brandy Grantham says:

    I look forward to your monthly FB live appearances! Bones are very underrated and these pearls are so important for patient education. As always the interconnectedness is the critical piece of the health puzzle!

  13. 142
    Sherri Hill says:

    Very insightful presentation. Learning about the body and its interconnected ness never disappoints. Especially how high cortisol and low grade inflammation can effect bone loss. My first time learning about term “fatty bones” . Tracy’s presentation has inspired me to continue seeking true root causes for myself and to one day be able to help others. Thanks for sharing your valuable knowledge and experience.

  14. 141
    Louisa Wolowiecki says:

    Hello, I especially found this FB Live very useful and timely.
    The biggest take away today was the importance of magnesium along with Vitamin D and K2 . That Vitamin D needs optimal levels of magnesium in order to be effective. I also found it fascinating that bone is much more dynamic that static. And the importance of our bones being “ flexible” versus being dense. I also learned the importance in Vit B 12 with respect to balance.
    I will be listening to this again.

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