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Supplement Myths and Truths for Practitioners


Although you may already be a savvy practitioner, I am certain you will learn something new in this video about Supplement Myths and Truths for Practitioners. You’ll walk away with pages of notes and practical pearls you can use in your practice right away.

Here are some of the things we’ll be discussing:

  • Liposomal? Nano? Sublingual? Tablets? Myths and Truths about the mode of delivery.
  • It’s still a hot, hot supplement right now. But it can cause side effects – quickly! – if you don’t know this devil in the detail.
  • Treating labwork with supplements is Not functional medicine at its best.
  • The biggest practitioner pitfalls in working with supplements.  Guaranteed to create overwhelm if you don’t learn them in advance.
  • There’s safety (and Efficacy) in numbers. Why single point solutions are seldom the best.
  • Missteps in labwork. Are you using the best markers to check dosage sufficiency?
  • Sure, learn protocols. And then learn to discard them, confidently.  Here’s Why.
  • You didn’t prescribe the drug, but you’re still responsible for this. And it’s important!  I’ll share the most common mistakes.
  • Plus some leading edge supplement options and alternatives. You don’t want to miss these!

Thank you very much for joining in the fun and learning! Please share your thoughts (please be thorough) in the “Ask a Question” area below about what inspired you in this presentation! Include what type of practitioner you are, so that we can all see your unique perspective.

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209 Questions for “Supplement Myths and Truths for Practitioners”

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  1. 205
    Carolyne Shapiro says:

    Hi there — still so new to SAFM — 5 months in and now starting to get my bearings — I love love love the honestly given about supplements!!! I work with women with severe menopause symptoms and many are terrified to take hormones and I kinda do not blame them — we need people who know menopause to be a specialty and we need people who know super well how to work with hormones. MANY women are taking an alarming amt of supplements without the care of a practitioner and this absolutely concerns me and in a big way — Vit D for sure and also magnesium — then they go on to all sorts of other things for adrenals and thyroid supplement wise and I am not sure this is so wise!!! TY Tracy so so much for clarifying all of this for us!!! I am Carolyne – am in Los Angeles — am a CMA who had been on my way to becoming an NP but breast cancer got me x 2 2003 and 2005 then rad hysto 2007 so you can wel imagine I went through it and how!!! Found SAFM and am thrilled — loving it. I can do my education but in a way so so so much better than the education I was getting — go figure — I knew so so little in re any of this. SUPER GRATEFUL!!!! 🙂 xx I do not really have a question per see as I am still learning a lot about supps and nutrients and school proper but just wanted to introduce and say hello and just put out my huge gratitude — very special school!!!!

  2. 204
    Sreevardane S says:

    Like always it has been a brilliant session! Too many pearls to take away!
    One line I would always remember and probably print it out is : every individual is a sample size of one”!
    I wish and hope this reaches as many people as possible! People are so misinformed and living in a cave.
    As a health coach, I do hope to spread this message t as many people as possible.
    Truly looking forward to the day I can sign up at SAFM to learn under Tracy, she is truly inspiring

  3. 203
    Lea Jaffe says:

    Thank you for such an informative facebook live!
    I love your enthusiasm and just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to share this information topic with us. Of all of the information what you shared about high viral load commandeering Tryptophan to make quinolinate to support macrophages was interesting and new information for me. Having heard it, it completely makes sense now ! I have always understood the Tryptophan Serotonin conversion and implications to stress, sleep, gastrointestinal disruption, however this was a missing piece to the puzzle.
    Many thanks from the UK

  4. 202
    Anouck Gilis says:

    Thank you so much for this, so interesting!
    I loved the analogy of the onion, found it really
    clear to explain why we « only » start with one
    thing at a time to help the body focus with 1-2
    therapeutical goal to make it all sustainable.
    Always a good reminder. The bit about licorice
    and it’s effect on testosterone is one of the things
    I’ve learned today. Looking forward for the COVID
    session! Thanks again !

  5. 201
    Michelle Saunders says:

    Thank you for this… so helpful and just what I needed today !

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