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What Can YOU Learn From Dr. Kelly’s Case?


Good day to you!

Today we continue the series of videos celebrating a few of our newly AFMC-certified practitioners – and key clinical pearls we can all take from their excellent case study assessments.

Congratulations to Dr. Jean Kelly for her excellent work with a woman in her 20’s who was struggling with obesity, PCOS, severe acne, headaches, IBS, mood swings, and more.  Here are some pearls her case highlighted:

  • Subclinical fasting insulin elevation as a marker of insulin resistance.
  • The perfect storm role of stress, high refined carbohydrate intake,  and excessive intake of pro-inflammatory refined vegetable oils in creating insulin resistance, abdominal weight gain, and obesity.
  • Repeated courses of antibiotics and high stress promoting dysbiosis in the microbiome which can cause nutrient maldigestion/malabsorption and also may contribute to insulin resistance through inflammatory signaling.
  • High insulin as a driver for excessive androgen production which can promote irregular ovulation and the pattern of symptoms often diagnosed as PCOS.
  • Low alkaline phosphatase as a marker of insufficient zinc.
  • The importance of zinc in balancing enzymes in the metabolism of testosterone to avoid excessive levels of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), the most potent androgen which can especially promote acne.
  • Irregular ovulation creating a lower level of progesterone which can promote estrogen dominance and symptoms such as headache, IBS, mood swings, and excess body fat.

Dr. Kelly astutely helped this young woman lose 30 pounds,  reverse insulin resistance, counter PCOS, and address her acne.   Check out the video and learn why Dr. Kelly’s approach to supporting this young woman in meeting her goals was so notable.  

To date, we have featured many excellent AFMC case examples.  If you missed them, you may wish to click here to watch Davina’s case or click here to watch Julie’s case.

Here at SAFM, we offer an optional, two-year certification program called AFMC, Applied Functional Medicine for Coaching.  As part of this rigorous process, practitioners submit a case assessment that potently demonstrates their (1) understanding of and (2) competence in using functional medicine principles as applied to a complex case from their own professional practice.  It’s an esteemed credential and achievement! And a delight for me to see over and over again just how confident and skilled our graduates become via an SAFM education and their commitment to practice-practice-practice their skills – from nurse practitioners to health coaches to nutritionists to physicians.

Thank you so much for joining in.  I wish you well in your practice growth!

* If you would like further information about our certification program and how it distinguishes a practitioner from his or her peers, read more here.
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