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Deep Dive on Why They Don’t Get Better: Unexpected, Practical Insights for Practitioners


I am so excited to share this Facebook Live and THESE POWERFUL PEARLS of functional medicine with you. At SAFM we honor that scientific knowledge is always evolving. That’s why we regularly revise our content in light of new research findings.

This information is CRITICAL for ALL practitioner modalities.

Are you confident in Why They Don’t Get Better as seen through the functional medicine lens?

Although you may already be a savvy practitioner, I am certain you will learn something new in this video. You’ll walk away with pages of notes and practical pearls you can use in your practice right away.

Here are some of the things we’ll be discussing:

  • Ah, the revolving door of gut imbalances … think beyond the GI tract and microbes this time.
  • When the true root cause of disease doesn’t even involve any anatomy?
  • Replacing medications with supplements is Not functional medicine. And often doesn’t address true root causes!
  • Its not about what actually happened; it’s about what you think happened?
  • The #1 overlooked, insidious root cause of recurring disease – that even savvy practitioners often miss.
  • Unexpected root causes in unexpected exposures.
  • You’ve got to go there: who are you sleeping with?
  • Are you suppressing the very thing most needed to promote healing?

Thank you very much for joining in the fun and learning!

With warmth, love, and gratitude to you for sharing your gifts with so many –

Below, please find the first 16 minutes of this Facebook Live which was interrupted by a technical hiccup. Some powerful points covered here as well. Don’t miss out!


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87 Questions for “Deep Dive on Why They Don’t Get Better: Unexpected, Practical Insights for Practitioners”

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  1. 60
    Karen says:

    Hello! I’m a chiropractor and once again enjoyed listening and learning from Traci ! She is a gifted teacher . Thank you for these power packed FB lives ! Im always taking notes and have walked away with so many pearls !
    Although I enjoyed immensely your explanation of how many of us are living in sympathetic dominance and expecting a parasympathetic experience my greatest pearl today was the information you shared on cortisols relationship to the movement of thyroid hormone into the cell . Prior to today I was unaware that cortisol directly effected the thyroid hormone delivery .
    Thanks for opening my eyes once again !

  2. 59
    Sherry says:

    Such a wealth of information and too many clinical pearls to mention. Immune response correlation to nervous system is HUGE! Also, the major role stress plays in the functionality of our bodies is another great pearl. Thanks for a great video.

  3. 58
    Mary Moskowitz says:

    Thank you Tracy- The reminder that subclinical hypothyroidism is rampant due to liver and gut issues – leading to nutrient deficiencies – that are needed for optimal function and t4-t3 conversion- especially in the cells. Even though labs could look optimal, need to listen to clients symptoms.

  4. 57
    Jo Coburn says:

    I am always reminded of how many ways you can get to the same endpoint of dis-ease. The multiple causes of simple gut dysfunction or suppressed immunity or the multiple ways a simple imbalance can lead to so many differing symptoms. It is a fantastic reminder too of how much I have learned since I began at SAFM and am I excited to have all the DDCC under my belt.

  5. 56
    Kerri says:

    I love the reinforcement that thyroid labs don’t necessarily reflect thyroid function or function at the tissue level. I have so many patients that have been desperate for relief only to hear “your labs are normal”. I’m so glad to be able to use these thyroid principles to treat those patients and help them to feel normal again so thank you.

  6. 55
    Tina Lanciault says:

    Thanks, Tracy, for another insightful talk today. Everything is so aligned with what I believe about why people don’t get well. It’s so true, especially about people’s belief systems. I’ve been working in home health for over 20 years now and people say things like this to me “My mother had diabetes, so I knew I was going to get it, there was nothing I could do about it or my Dad has high blood pressure, it runs in our family”. They truly believe that because of their family history they were doomed. Even when I try to explain the science some people will never get it and that’s OK I know I can’t help everyone. Thanks again Tracy, love all your talks.

  7. 54
    Mary Signorelli says:

    Thank you ,Tracy ,for speaking so eloquently about health coaching.
    I took notes on your comments about stress and it’s possible origins in trauma.
    I’ve been working to lower my own stress level and tonight’s Facebook Live was timely.

  8. 53
    Lucretia Coppes says:

    I am glad that you mentioned how trauma can effect overall well being and how it can make changes in your physical body and lead to chronic disease. Emotional toxins can just be as damaging and it is important for people to have positive emotional support along with working with correcting chronic disease.

  9. 52
    Sharon Walt says:

    Thank you for the FB live – lots of pearls. The one that stood out for me (because of I client I’m working with) is the effect of estrogen (estrogen dominance and obesity) on copper retention and the possible need for more zinc.

  10. 51
    Heather Tesch says:

    I found the information regarding blood pressure dropping during sleep to heal the endothelial lining and combat oxidative stress. The nervous system and immune system work as a team – continuing to evaluate the status of our world together. I’m thrilled you brought up ACE’s and I actually just read some information/research on ABE’s… adverse baby experiences which can occur in the utero and up to the age 3. I have experienced this personally and can say I’m still working on healing utero and baby trauma and ironically I have suffered from chronic symptoms for my entire life. People cannot heal if they don’t feel safe.

  11. 50
    Maggie says:

    Thank you so much for your generosity sharing your knowledge!

    I recently came across your website and facebook videos. The information you share is so full of peals that I listen to them every free opportunity I get.

    I am a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN) practitioner and took Full Body Systems with Andrea Nakayama.

    In all honesty, I was picking up my 10 yr. old from school with my 1 year old in tow….so, I only heard bits and pieces of the live video. I will go back and listen w/o kids around 🙂

    I loved that you spoke into the emotional body. I spent many years working strictly on the physical body with my clients and couldn’t figure out why some of them weren’t making the progress they hoped for. My quest for knowledge is insatiable and I am full of gratitude for the information you provide to the public via facebook and your website.

    Keep up the great work and I look forward to the next FB live! 🙂

  12. 49
    Bonnie Berke says:

    It is so affirming to hear you discuss the role of the belief systems that inform our physiology as an upstream reason why clients do not always heal . Childhood trauma sets the stage for autoimmune downstream conditions . I love how you paired the immune system and the nervous system as an integral team always working in tandem to access the status of our world! I also check for energetic and emotional dysfunction that eventually affect our physiology.

  13. 48
    Samantha Press says:

    Hi Tracy,

    Awesome video as always! I really found past trauma and the connection with the physiology of the body to of interest to me. It does really make a sense. It is truly fascinating how the body has cellular memory and can store so much and our bodies can be physiologically challenged even if the person isn’t connecting 20-30 years ago to what the body is still dealing with. That would explain why some songs, or other things can bring a sense of feeling to the body even if a person can’t quite understand the connection. As always I adore learning from you and growing my knowledge to help as many people that desire to be helped! Thank you!

  14. 47
    Jodie Studley says:

    Naturopath, Australia
    Thank you for an amazing presentation.
    You speak so fluently. I hope one day I can present like this and educate to the thousands too.
    The message to dig deeper and keep looking upstream is so important. Too not get fixated on the issue at hand but help the client to listen to their whole body. Remind them that they are interconnected and that every aspect of their life matters. Asking the right questions, and allowing them the space to heal without judgment.
    We won’t know where the health issue originated unless they feel safe to open up and share.
    I think when people take that deep breath and acknowledge their stressors that a whole new level of healing is available to them. Exciting. Thank you for explaining that every stage of life experience is carried with us and how it can inhibit long term healing. Very valuable.

  15. 46
    Barbara Paolone says:

    Thank you Tracy. I have a client who does exactly what you were saying about going off course as soon as someone says they look great. But it was interesting to hear the connection to abuse and trauma, and also belief systems that may be in the way of her truly reaching her goals and staying well.

  16. 45
    Kathleen ("Kate") Vogt Robie says:

    Another SAFM-inspired “Aha!” to utilize as a Health/Wellness Coach who wants to help clients uncover/discover emotional/mental thoughts, memories, and/or emotions that the mind-body is hiding from them (their ‘self’) in an attempt to protect the ‘self’ from that trauma while the body-tissues continue reacting to that trauma manifesting through dis-ease and disease. So on one level the person desires good health & thriving but on another level is sabotaging its own wellbeing. And directly asking questions may likely not work because the person isn’t able to verbalize the truth, yet they might be able to express through another medium like drawing. That’s one example of how Multi-Modality (draw instead of speak) could help get at true root cause. Another use of Multi-Modality could be having client utilize in their healing-journey various professionals like massage therapist (to address body-energy meridians) + psychotherapist (to address mindset energies) + a health-coach (to address lifestyle behavior choices). There’s not only interconnectedness of human-body functions but also interconnectedness of various healing-professions joining forces to help one-person truly heal.

  17. 44
    Debbie says:

    My very first LIVE…and you did not disappoint. I KNEW it was going to be FAB!!!

    So much great stuff…HOW DO I CHOOSE ONE?!? I really liked hearing that the brain is always listening…even when we’re asleep. How many folks fall asleep with the boob tube on??? And WHAT ARE THEY HEARING???

    Everything you say makes purrfect sense. You are such a gift, Tracy. Thank you for sharing your expertise. We are all so lucky to benefit from your community outreach! : )

  18. 43
    deb says:

    Trauma, as the root cause (in so many cases), so sad the world is this way. And it is difficult for us, on the practitioner end , hearing about it, day after day, and attempting to process it, and still remain somewhat sane, and fully connected to our own families.

  19. 42
    Kim Silvers says:

    I appreciate you bringing up the subject of childhood trauma as one of the root causes of disease. As a physician who has about 10 minutes per patient I will say we don’t bring this up one, because we don’t have time to address, and two, because we have no “fix” to the issue. But it is very important. Thank you for sharing your insights freely, I do believe a team approach is needed. I would love to see you do a talk on EMF and WiFi. I believe this is important to address. Thank you.

  20. 41
    Naomi Dicus says:

    I really enjoyed today’s talk and appreciated the section we spoke about not being able to heal from early childhood trauma, especially sexual abuse. In many of the other webinars we haven’t dove deep yet into mental health and I really liked what this taught me. It is so true, and just how sensitive and caring we have to be with our clients, never fully understanding “what lies beneath”, when maybe they aren’t even aware themselves! Thank you.

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