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The Power of Functional Medicine Interconnectedness


I am so excited to share this Facebook Live and THESE POWERFUL PEARLS of functional medicine with you.  At SAFM we teach our students to be both confident and highly skilled at “puzzle piecing” and finding the interconnectedness between pieces of each patient’s unique case. In this presentation, I’ll share a few staples but also a number of unexpected connections which will likely surprise you!

Check out this video to get some clinical pearls you can use in your practice right away.  You’ll learn:

  • Example of unexpected connection in Arthritis, Autoimmune disease, and Type 2 diabetes (Ha – I bet you’re surprised!)
  • The Classic Mistake many practitioners are making about Rapid Relief and Root Causes (Are you doing it too?)
  • Most commonly missed impacts of medications
  • Alarming examples of where the typical remedy is actually making the disease process worse (Yes, worse)
  • Where to start when nothing seems to fit together?!? (Yep, we’ve all been there before)

Please add a comment below to share what most resonated with you in this video or feel free to ask a clarifying question. I am very interested in what you think.

Thanks very much for joining in the fun and learning!

With warmth, love, and gratitude to you for sharing your gifts with so many –





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215 Questions for “The Power of Functional Medicine Interconnectedness”

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  1. 208
    Lisa Vosloo says:

    This is past the deadline but I’m hoping & praying with every fibre of my being that maybe but maybe with grace of God the deadline has been extended by a few extra hours… I have been following the SAFM for a few months now and absolutely love the way Tracy puts together her Facebook lives! I really enjoy watching each and every one I come across and walk away feeling as if I’ve gained a full treasure chest of knowledge with each one! The way Tracy imparts her knowledge is so inspiring I feel that even a 5 year old would understand the concept! I would absolutely LOVE to study with the SAFM but living in South Africa with our poorly currency means that the costs are very steep 🙁 I will save and save and save until I get enough together for the Core 101 Semester but fingers crossed that I can win today – my year will be well & truly made! In the meantime I will continue to grab onto each and every Facebook live to beef up my Functional Medicine knowledge and impart my newfound pearls of wisdom to the multitude of South Africans who will benefit greatly from it. Thank you, xxx

  2. 207

    I am so exited to start my new semester at SAFM next week. Thank you for sharing all of the great information with us on this video. What amazes me is to hear how everything is connected within the body, and all has a root cause, gut dis-ease due mostly to what we put into our gut and how it affects us all differently: from endocrine, to joint disease to autoimmune diseases. I cannot wait to learn more.

  3. 206
    Rose Meney says:

    Thank you for your wisdom and generosity. Love the analogies you give, especially referring to arthritis. So much to learn, and being able to revisit the videos is appreciated. Would love to learn more able Salicylate sensitivities and triage for the client. Blessings from Australia.

  4. 205
    viktoriya Pleshkan says:

    Thank you for such a wonderful lecture once again! It was a great reminder to start with Sleep, Stress, and Food to approach each client’s complex situation.

  5. 204
    Anuja Shandilya says:

    Functional Medicine is so much like Ayurveda and I love how science now confirms what Ayurveda said so many years ago. Gut health the importance. Toxins lodging in the joints. I love hearing you speak so clearly and in so much detail about all the interconnectedness along with importance of key foundational points before looking at the detail!

  6. 203

    I am incredibly excited to have signed up (only just) to start the course today! Thank you for this. Your mention of gut permeability and skin issues makes me feel optimistic for helping my partner with his terrible red, itchy skin which several dermatologists have failed to help with. He recently had gall stones, is prone to diarrhoea and has for many years taken a protein pump inhibitor (which we ave managed to halve the dose of with daily ACV). I feel renewed hope!

  7. 202
    Susan Payne says:

    I am super excited to start school next week! Your talks are filled with so much fascinating information, I can’t get enough! Thank you for all you do!

  8. 201
    Toni Profera says:

    I know this is past the drawing, and I am just getting to stream this today. One of the many new pieces of info that I learned today was the clarification of how the blood thinners may cause impairment with Vit K2 functioning, which can lead to calcification in the arteries. (hope I understood that correctly). I understand that they (the meds)are good for triage. I am so excited to begin the official course! Thank you so much.

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