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The Power of Functional Medicine Interconnectedness


I am so excited to share this Facebook Live and THESE POWERFUL PEARLS of functional medicine with you.  At SAFM we teach our students to be both confident and highly skilled at “puzzle piecing” and finding the interconnectedness between pieces of each patient’s unique case. In this presentation, I’ll share a few staples but also a number of unexpected connections which will likely surprise you!

Check out this video to get some clinical pearls you can use in your practice right away.  You’ll learn:

  • Example of unexpected connection in Arthritis, Autoimmune disease, and Type 2 diabetes (Ha – I bet you’re surprised!)
  • The Classic Mistake many practitioners are making about Rapid Relief and Root Causes (Are you doing it too?)
  • Most commonly missed impacts of medications
  • Alarming examples of where the typical remedy is actually making the disease process worse (Yes, worse)
  • Where to start when nothing seems to fit together?!? (Yep, we’ve all been there before)

Please add a comment below to share what most resonated with you in this video or feel free to ask a clarifying question. I am very interested in what you think.

Thanks very much for joining in the fun and learning!

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With warmth, love, and gratitude to you for sharing your gifts with so many –





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215 Questions for “The Power of Functional Medicine Interconnectedness”

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  1. 200
    Shelley Henk says:

    I liked learning about the medicine that’s used to treat disease can be counter productive to treating the disease. For example giving insulin can actually cause patients to gain weight. I am an RN, BSN. I love learning about this stuff. Thank you so much for your wisdom.

  2. 199
    Debra Cohen says:

    I love hearing over and over again how Interconnectedness and Bio Individuality is so useful for our clients. I love hearing case studies because it gives us confidence to assure our clients without any guarantee of course that there really is something they can do to get to the root cause of their disease or illness.

  3. 198
    Diana Widmark says:

    I have longing for this essential wisdom witch functional medicin wieving the body as a hole functional dynamic system and how these system interact with eachouther. In the video it was mention a lot of details witch I didn’t knew about as the thing with por bile flow polysaccharides and its drive to manifest deseases as fibromyalgia and how this polysacarides also kan damage the nervtissues. As they well as the connections between warfarin treatments depletes vitamins K2 and wat that can do to the calcium distribution in the body. I feel that this course are going the learn me a lot and it also already has gave me knowledge (words) on things that my intuition already has told me. The body is holding a very big intelligens and wisdom who the conventional medicin not always respect and lern from in same openminded way and as I understand functional medicin does. I feel that I have found the right platform to learn more real clinical medicin from.

  4. 197
    michelle plummer says:

    Your video is awesome, The body is our temple and we should as people consider the route of alternative medicine to heal it not over the counter drugs.

    The Thyroid, LDL, HDL, Type 2 diabetic and obesity is one of america’s biggest problems when it comes to health.

    You are extremely knowledgeable in your science of the human body.

    I look forward to this semester’


  5. 196
    veronika bar says:

    …could hard time waking up be just dehydration? … absolutely! (i’m just trying to convince a client she doesn’t drink enough. she has hard time getting from bed and starts with a coffee in bed;)

  6. 195
    Olga Rolund says:

    Can’t thank you enough, Tracy, for this webinar! You explain things in such a simple clear way, I really enjoy listening to you. I am a Integrative Nutrition health coach. I am falling in love with functional medicine and would definitely love to study it. In your webinar I got so many useful insights, I was really blown away by the fact that the reason of some diseases can be as simple as stressful life, lack of sleep and dehydration. And that we don’t need to jump right away to complicated issues with our clients. Thank you for your beautiful work, Tracy!

  7. 194
    Clare says:

    Impact of warfarin on Ca metabolism: I have lots of clients on warfarin and steroids so making sure Ca ends up in bones not soft tissues is key.

  8. 193
    Debbie Owen says:

    Every video you do is absolutely jam packed full of fantastic information. I just wish I had it all in my head as you do! One day ???? My favourite part was using sleep hygiene and water intake as a place to start. Thank you Tracy. You are an amazing, knowledgeable woman and I’m so grateful that you share your wisdom so selflessly. Thank you Tracy

  9. 192
    Krithika Jayaprakash says:

    So interesting to know that thyroid is such an important gland. Also, how diseases begin in a gut and messes up the whole body. Lot of important facts.

  10. 191
    Ulises Velazquez says:

    Thank you so much for your video and sharing your knowledge with us. Our bodies are amazing and everything is connected, I hope one day I’ll be able to join your school.

  11. 190
    Ashley Stogner says:

    Loved the pearls today! One thing that stood out to me was the downstream effects of a hypothyroid in fatigues muscle tissue. Thanks so much for sharing all wisdom, Tracy! Can’t wait for the semester to start.

  12. 189
    Jennifer Pauli says:

    Thank you so much for this webinar! I loved your insights and I am so very excited to learn more about functional medicine. As a brand new NP who just passed boards (TODAY!), I am excited to view this material with fresh eyes and help my Katie ya truly heal and transform their lives!

  13. 188
    Michelle Bishop says:

    So much of your information really makes sense to me and filled in gaps that I had in knowledge and confirmed things I wasn’t totally sure of. I am a certified health coach through FMCA and am hungry to learn more skills so I can be of greater help to my clients in New Zealand.

    I love the part about if you are not sure where to start with a client, focus on sleep hygiene and water intake. Great advice, thank you.

  14. 187
    Nikki K says:

    THANKS! for the webinar, Tracy. Always Great info!

  15. 186
    Lisa Vasquez says:

    First and foremost I would like to thank the team at Functional wellness,for allowing
    Or I should say inviting us to have a sneak preview into the World of Functional Wellness
    I am so jazzed the more I hear Tracy speak on thyroid issues.
    How tge effects of the body, over whelmed from hypo thyroid everyday trying to find balance client
    Hearing you speak on the root cause knowing every cell is sluggish every single body system sluggish by design . That is making the connection. Thank you,
    This resonated with me because now I can explain in layman terms to my client . Why she feels so many symptoms.
    The best part was to know where to start with a client wgen you have nothing to go by start with 1.sleep schedule or water intake. The making of a masterpiece in a new self care design.
    I want to pass on the wisdom that others have passed on to me. Thank you

  16. 185
    Anita Ng says:

    This video was extremely helpful. Thank you! I do love the science and details, so it was helpful to have a reminder to first tackle the basics. One insight that I really appreciated was how diabetes/insulin can affect digestive enzyme production and lead to digestive difficulties. This correlates well with experience, but I didn’t realize they were related in that way.

  17. 184
    Ramona says:

    SI thoroughly enjoyed this webinar! Loved the energy and simplicity, yet bringing so much awareness around what root causes be located elsewhere, not obviously connected to the dis-ease. I.e.: gut and arthritis- wow! I’d love to learn more so I can provide a much more in-depth service for health and well-being of others! Thank you!!!

  18. 183
    Sandra Letenzi says:

    Thank you for sharing such valuable content! I am a health coach (graduated from IIN) and am constantly reading and studying to learn more about the human body because I don’t have a background in biology or chemistry or anatomy – I have a business degree. I love how you explain everything in such a way that’s easy to understand and remember. Several pearls stood out to me: 1) The true root cause of disease in any part of body is often quite distant both in space and time from the true root cause… very interesting. 2) Magnesium deficiency leads to elevated blood pressure – wow, had no idea! And sadly, most of our population is deficient in magnesium so this is quite a big deal! 3) The explanation of how insulin effects sex hormones in men vs. women is fascinating. Hormones are so complex and something I read a lot about for my own health in addition to my clients’ health. It’s something I find hard to understand at times but I love learning about this. Thank you again for such an interesting FB live!!

  19. 182
    Johnny Bao says:

    Thanks so much! I never really thought about how the joint issue was really an issue of low circulation. As a person who is highly active in exercise, I always considered it a physical issue. I appreciate that I have a new avenue to explore.

  20. 181
    Maria Hodkins says:

    What amazing clinical pearls you have shared with us! So many points I want to remember–the roots of Fibromyalgia; how joint pain could originate from a digestive dysfunction; how insulin functions as a hormone, and higher levels of insulin can disrupt other hormones in the body or cause fatty liver; how vitamin K2 drives how calcium is used in the body and how blocking K2 (with medications) can cause the calcification of soft tissues. I want to learn so much more, and what an opportunity it would be to take a semester’s course in Applied Functional Medicine!

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