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True Root Causes of Dis-Ease for Practitioners


I am so excited to share this Facebook Live and THESE POWERFUL PEARLS of functional medicine with you. At SAFM we honor that scientific knowledge is always evolving. That’s why we regularly revise our content in light of new research findings.

This information is CRITICAL for ALL practitioner modalities.

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Are you confident in your root cause knowledge?

Although you may already be a savvy practitioner, I am certain you will learn something new in this video. You’ll walk away with pages of notes and practical pearls you can use in your practice right away.

Here are some of the things we’ll be discussing:

  • How Amazingly Few true Root Causes of disease are at play in today’s epidemics.
  • The Distraction of fancy labs and supplements: the most important (and free!) components of good medicine.
  • Surprising insight into just how often there is often Nothing Wrong with the human body.
  • Dis-ease vs. Disease: this difference is what is Transforming health care (are you on board?).
  • What’s really In Charge in the body? (Yep, it’s not the brain.)
  • Estrogen dominance: It’s Not about the ovaries, folks!
  • Yes, disease Does often begin in the gut, but sometimes in ways you likely don’t expect!
  • When they Just. Can’t. Get. Well., go upstream and focus Here.

Thank you very much for joining in the fun and learning!

With warmth, love, and gratitude to you for sharing your gifts with so many –

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105 Questions for “True Root Causes of Dis-Ease for Practitioners”

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  1. 105
    Shirley ONeill says:

    So much useful information in every Live you provide. My take away today was actually for myself to remember to go up stream and manage my perceived stresses. So important the 3 pillars to maximize, minimize and prioritize.

  2. 104
    Marie Harrison says:

    The clinical pearl that I found most useful was actually something that was so obvious that I’d totally overlooked it – the fact that surgery is actually a trauma to the body (doh!)

  3. 103
    Melanie Kern says:

    Hi Tracy, so many amazing pearls to mention…thank you for your wisdom and warmth.
    I am so happy to be a student a SAFM.

  4. 102
    Mary DiCaro says:

    This was a very informative webinar highlighting the need to look deeper for causes and not chase symptoms. It all makes sense yet so few traditionally trained MDs approach it this way. I have started using these principles in my work with patients who have come to me with chronic health conditions and chronic pain. Many have lost hope and are taking a multitude of medications to suppress symptoms. I enjoy looking into past history and timeline and love to educate them on the interconnectedness and amazing resiliency of the human body.
    Having dealt with many chronic health conditions myself I am always seeking answers to perplexing and ongoing conditions and enjoy learning how trauma, stress, a hypervigilant nervous system and history of chronic antibiotic use has impacted my current health state.
    Thank you for sharing these pearls of wisdom.

  5. 101
    Vera Jones says:

    Hi Tracy! Love this information! I like the way you outline it into what pts should maximize, what they should minimize, and the need to prioritize an environment for healing! It truly is the softer sides of our lives that we tend to let go of and gets us so out of balance. I also like the concept of “going upstream”. I have been telling my pts these things for years, but you have given me a different, perhaps easier to digest, way to explain it.

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